New Idea On How To Get Images Near AdSense Ads

Posted on 5th January, 2007

If you have been following the story, you know that Google has disallowed images near AdSense ads in mid December.

But his does not stop some publishers to come up with new ways to place images next to their AdSense ads while still try to conform with the new policy.

One method discussed at this DigitalPoint Forums thread is to place a Google AdSense image ad unit near the Google AdSense text units. The member with the idea posted an example.


You can see, at the top are Google AdSense Ad Links, on the left side is a standard AdSense text unit and then on the right side is a AdSense graphic ad unit. You can specify if you want image ads or text ads or both, to show up in each ad unit block. So technically, you are not serving images near the text ads, Google is.

I am not sure if it’s OK but technically the image comes from Google ads. There’s a chance that the image and text ad to be highly related which may help in increasing CTR. But like everything else, it’s important to ask Google before trying this out.

Forum discussion can be found here.

[via SeRoundTable]

  • surfaddict says:

    waaa..a good idea..but just like you said, we need to asked google before try it.

  • Robotys says:

    Heheh, nice idea. Relly smartlah whoever thought about this way. Out of the box.. 🙂 (somehow seems still in the box also.. hehe)

  • toxicle says:

    Nice trick but I think they will soon ban it.

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  • icy says:

    Brilliant idea!! very smart fellow 🙂

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