Now You Can Verify Your Google Sitemaps Account Using Meta Tags

Posted on 19th May, 2006

I’ve written about Google Sitemaps before and have been recommending my readers to use this free service.

In the past you needed access to your site’s root directory to verify site ownership and create a Sitemap.

Well now Google has made this service more accessible to more publishers, in particular to those who couldn’t create Sitemaps for many hosted sites such as Blogger.com because they can’t access their sites’ root directory.

In such case, all you have to do is add a unique meta tag to your site’s header to verify your Sitemaps account.

In addition to the above, you can now submit a re-inclusion request using a form made available via your Sitemaps account.

You would need to do this in case your site is being penalized for whatever reasons and you want it to be re-included after making the necessary corrections.

[via Google AdSense blog]

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