Online Spending Tops $100 Billion in 2006

Posted on 5th January, 2007

For the first time ever, US online spending increased by 24% in 2006, topping 100 billion. For the last two months of the year, from November 1st to December 31st, spending increased by 26% over 2005, bringing in 24.6 billion dollars!

Without the need to visit brick-and-mortar shops in person, online shoppers spread their spending over a longer period. The Monday after Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the heaviest shopping days of the year for U.S. retailers, but in 2006 it was just another day. The $607.6 million spent on “Cyber Monday,” November 27, was surpassed on 11 other days before the end of the year.

By delaying their shopping until the last days before winter holidays, shoppers showed their growing trust in online retailers’ ability to ship goods through the mail quickly, the report said. The top three days of online spending for the year were December 13 ($666.9 million), December 11 ($660.8 million), and December 4 ($647.5 million).

Surely there are many people cashing their big affiliate checks this time around.
But imagine how it’s going to be like in 2007. As the pie keeps on expanding, we could take advantage of this trend to perhaps to grab a piece of the pie.

One of my New Year business resolutions is to get involve more actively in affiliate marketing. The demand is already there, we just have to know how to take advantage of it.

Full story: Online Spending Tops $100 Billion in 2006

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