Picasa Referrals Becomes Part of Google Pack

Posted on 12th January, 2007

With the recent international launch of Google Pack, you’ll soon notice that Picasa and Pack referrals program combined into a single program.


According to the AdSense team, the new Picasa buttons will be available soon. You’ll need to generate a new code to take advantage of the new button, i.e. the new Pack unit that features Picasa.

If users decide to install Picasa from their Pack download, you’ll still earn referral fee for Pack. So that means you earn $1.00 for the pack and another $1.00 for Picasa.

AdSense team adds

If you’re currently displaying a Picasa referral unit on your site, you won’t notice any changes to the unit or to the way that you have been generating earnings. For now, all Picasa referral units that are currently up will remain supported. However, we strongly encourage you to switch to the new Pack referral units at your earliest convenience.

However the international Google Pack option is still not available in my account at the time of this writing. All I have it referral programs for AdSense, AdWords, Firefox plus Google Toolbar and Picasa.

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