Picture of Google Data Center

Posted on 3rd August, 2006

Here’s a few pictures of Google’s Data center in Oregon. Picture by JasonBettineski/Flickr.

It does look like what I had expected to see but it’s still interesting.


[Found via v7n blog]
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  • ahwong5 says:

    Ya, it looks like a manufacturing plant or power plant 🙂

  • Mr.Wealth says:

    It looks like the Carrefour Hypermarket near my house, ha 🙂

  • Casper says:

    Looks very much different from the datacentre we have in UK.. more like a warehouse..

  • Samuel gutierrez says:

    lie … this is datacenter server uni5.net,,, fuck

  • calliesaurus says:

    The things on top are airconditioners:

    AC’s are probably at most 30%efficient. That means they create 3 times the heat that they move.

    There’s gotta be a better way.

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