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Posted on 28th April, 2006

According to a study conducted by CiperTrust, an email filtering firm, while Viagra and pharmacy drugs continue to bring in small punters, as many as 5 per cent recipients visit porno websites after receiving lewd come-ons by email

Response rate, which is the percentage of end users who actually click through and buy products promoted from spam for pharmacy drugs is 0.02 per cent. Rolex watch offers (0.0075 per cent) are miniscule by comparison. The sales to click-through ratio for pharmacy drugs is one to 150 (0.67 percent).

The numbers may look small at first but imagine that spammers are sending such messages to hundreds of millions of recipients per day; it’s easy to see how the number game can shift to the spammers’ advantage easily.

If a pharmacy drugs junk is sent to one million people, a 0.67 percent response rate to such offer is equivalent to 6700 new purchase! Now if each purchase brings in $20 profit, this would’ve made the spammer $134,000 richer!

In Malaysian Ringgit, that’s equivalent to RM482,400 profit for a single mail out!

No wonder junk mail messages continue to flood our inbox.

Have you ever response to a junk mail message before?

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    Be a spammer then, as a part time job

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