Problems Fixed

Posted on 5th December, 2006

The past few days have been quite eventful but thankfully things are starting to return to normal. But there’s nothing normal about what’s coming next, Christmas and New Year but let’s talk about that later 🙂

Although I am still working on my parents’ house renovation, I think it won’t be as hectic as before as the project is nearing completion.

When I just about to go online, several problems cropped up as if something was trying to prevent me from continuing my work. My email server was inundated with spam which took over 250 MB of my server space, and then my Dell PC suddenly stopped working when it totally failed on start up.

Thanks to the easy Dell diagnostic, it turned out that one of my memory modules was dislodged from its slot. When everything seems to be fixed, my Internet connection went down for the whole two days, actually not only mine but the whole town.

Now everything seems to be back to normal so I’ll try to post something every couple of days.

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