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Posted on 9th May, 2007

In case you haven’t read this, AdWords advertisers who are trying to improve their account performance (who doesn’t) can now request a free campaign optimization for your account from AdWords Optimization Specialists.

Before you get too excited though, sadly this service is currently available for advertisers in the U.S, Canada and the UK only. I hope it will be opened for the rest of AdWords advertisers outside these countries soon.

It’s a complimentary service that they offer to help their advertisers get mot of their AdWords account.

The reason why they are offering this service for free is because it’s really a win-win arrangement for both Google and the advertisers.

If Google can help you become successful with your AdWords campaigns. You’ll spend more money with Google which could attract more business for your.

If you are only a tad successful, Google suffers by losing potential advertising dollars because this limits your expenditures for Google AdWords. So it’s also Google best interest to see you to become more successful with your AdWords campaigns.

You can begin by telling them what results you’d like to achieve such as better clickthroughs, improved ROI, lower cost per clicks, a more organized account structure and son on.

Their experts will then review your landing page, campaign structure and everything else and contact you with customized recommendations to help you reach your goals.

They’ll also teach you how to use the optimization tools, keyword finder tools etc. You’ll also get help in rewriting your ad text and then test it so that you get a higher click-through rate.

They won’t do the work for you though. It’s up to you to implement their recommendation.

To get started, fill out this request form here.

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