ReviewMe 50% Off Coupon

Posted on 15th February, 2007

In an effort to encourage new advertisers to use the ReviewMe to promote their products or services, ReviewMe.com is offering a special coupon code that will give advertisers 50% off any review they purchase.

This coupon is valid for this month only. To use this coupon advertisers simply have to enter the word ‘trial’ into the coupon code at checkout.

Despite the 50% off, bloggers will still get 100% of the sale price so there’s no discount in payout.

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  • Hyms says:

    I think you should contact and ask them what had happen.

  • Gaman says:

    I don’t understand

  • mirul says:

    emm.. good info.. thanks gaman 😉

  • weirdoux says:

    bagus tu gaman…!

    baru padan muka dia… dia ingat senang ker agaknya kita nak cari idea untuk posting.

    then, after that, senang-senang jer dia nak copy+paste posting kita..

    you just did a right thing…!!!

    keep it up!!!

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