Sabahan.com Demographic Prediction According to MSN adCenter

Posted on 28th June, 2006

According to the Demographics Prediction tool from Microsoft adCenter Labs, 63 percent of my visitors are male which I think might be right. In term of age, 23.43 percent visitors are between 25 to 34 years old.


Interestingly adCenter predicted that 16.13 percent of my visitors are 50 years old and over. I don’t know this blog has such a big an appeal to this demographic.

Anybody reading this post belongs to this age group?

For another site that I manage, MSN adCenter predicts that 95 percent of my visitors are female. The gender poll I conducted agrees that the majority was female but only 62 percent of them were female.

While the main age group should be between 18-24 years old, adCenter predicted that the biggest readership is between 25 to 34 years old.


I know this is just a prediction and therefore cannot be taken too seriously. Nevertheless it’s still interesting to get a general idea about what MSN think of your site.

[Found via ProBlogger]
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  • Paul Tan says:

    This is silly. It says paultan.org has 72% female readers.

  • Gaman says:

    Paul, you never know hehe. But seriously, common sense dictates that an auto blog such as yours should attract more male than female.

    So the results is skewed or probably more female looking for Kenari?

  • pinolobu says:

    I wonder how does the algorithm know whether I’m male or female. Or for that matter, whether I’m human or a bot?

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