Sabahan.com has a PageRank 6 today

Posted on 6th April, 2006

I wrote earlier about the wierd PageRank shift experienced by Sabahan.com. Well, today all the Google’s datacenters show that Sabahan.com has a PageRank of 6.


So is this official? I doubt it though. While I am quite convince there must be some temporarily fluke somewhere, I’ll still take it if this is what Google says what my PR should be. 😉

Matt Cuff, the Google engineer recently wrote this in his blog on March 27, 2006

Q: “Now that Bigdaddy is out, will there be a new export of PageRank anytime soon?” and “Will the deployment of BigDaddy stabilise the rolling PR issues we are experiencing at present?”

A: I’ll ask around about that. If there aren’t any logistical obstacles, I’ll ask if we could make a new set of PageRanks visible within the next couple weeks. I’d expect that as Bigdaddy stabilizes everywhere, the variation in toolbar PR for individual urls is more like to settle down too.

Many forums are buzzing with stories about webmasters’ experiencing PageRank update for their sites.

Most reported that new domains especially those with a 0 PageRank previously are the ones experiencing major boost.

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  • Kahsoon says:

    I doubt it myself, because i just started Point and Click Games last month and it got PR4 already. It will go back to 0 again soon.

  • Gaman says:

    Well I think my PR could hover around 2/3 but 6?

    Some webmaster reported an increase from 0 PR to 8 literally overnight.

  • infoct says:

    Hrmm.. Mine stays the same. sad :/

  • LcF says:

    I am more care about actual traffic compare to PR.

  • Gaman says:

    I agree, but there are many advantages for having higher PR.

    1. Google will deep crawl your site and index it more frequently
    2. You are likely to be ranked higher in search result
    3. Higher PR sites are viewed more credible
    4. If you are selling advertising or text links, you are in a position to demand higher price.
    5. People are more willing to exchange link with you if you have high PR.

    At the end of the day, you’ll get more targeted traffic and not just traffic.

    Having said that, I think this current PR chaos is just a temporarily fluke and will likely to correct itself later.

  • mrbadak says:

    that means u shld take advantage of the situation now hehehe!

  • Gaman says:

    Got to wait first mrbadak.. if suddenly the PR drops again, kena pull the plug hehehe.

    PS: I do not really recommend selling text links 🙂

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