Search Engine encourages worthless ‘original content’

Posted on 2nd March, 2006

Original content attracts attention. This is especially true if you are a blogger or a content writer for websites trying to write something useful on your site.

There’s an interesting article from The Wall Street Journal about the role that search engines play in causing legitimate information from authoritative websites being crowded out and diluted by junky and spammy imitations.

From the article:

If there is a topic in the news, people will be searching on it. If you can get those searchers to land on a seemingly authoritative page you’ve set up, you can make money from their arrival. Via ads, for instance. Then, to get your site ranked high in search engines, it’s best to have “original content” about whatever the subject of your site happens to be. The content needs to include all the keywords that people might search for. But it can’t be just an outright copy of what’s on some other site; you get penalized for that by search engines.

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