Search Engines Market Share: Google & Ask Network record a share increase

Posted on 20th April, 2006

According to a comScore Networks, Google Inc. in March increased its share of the U.S. search market for the eighth consecutive month with 42.7 percent of searches conducted on its sites.

Yahoo! remained in a relatively distant second with 28 percent while MSN ranked third with 13.2 percent.

Out of the top five search engines, Google and Ask Network, formerly known as Ask Jeeves, were the only companies to record a share increase, at the expense of the other search engines which posted a decline.


From the report:

  • Americans conducted 6.4 billion searches online in March, up 10 percent from last month and 15 percent from last year. The increase in search queries from the previous month marked the largest gain over the past twelve months.
  • Google Sites led the pack with 2.7 billion search queries performed, followed by Yahoo Sites (1.8 billion), MSN-Microsoft (849,000), Time-Warner Network (486,000), and Ask Jeeves/Ask Network (376,000).
  • The toolbar search market continues to be dominated by Google and Yahoo!, which combined for more than 95 percent of toolbar searches in March. Google led the way with 48.9 percent, while Yahoo! captured 46.5 percent.

Although this statistics are for the US, I believe the trend for the rest of the world isn’t too far off the mark.

In a somewhat related article by Wired magazine, they write about a recent survey which shows people are increasingly went online for help with major life decision such as finding a college for their child or looking for a new place to live as the Internet is becoming increasingly important to users in their everyday lives.

As faster broadband connections becoming widespread, more and more people are drawn to the Internet for information to help them deal with some decision making.

So what does this means to us publishers and business owners?

There has never been a good time for us to get involved and tap into this existing pool of information seeking web surfers. No matter what niche you are dealing with or products you are selling, you are bound to find an audience.

All you have to do is make your presence known.

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