Search Purple Web Directory Hacked!

Posted on 31st July, 2006

Search Purple Web Directory, one of my Text Link Ads sponsors, has been hacked by someone who called themselves Arslan KSA.


The homepage is replaced with some Arabic and English words asking people to visit Al-sunnah.com, which is apparently has been suspended by web host.

The hacked page includes this short paragraph

I delete all backup from host which belong to sites and I don’t have the copy

No I don’t think the hacker found the page from Sabahan.com. I hope the sponsor has a backup somewhere so that the site can be restored ASAP while his text link ad is still running here.

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  • graeme says:

    Yep, this guy ran amuck for awhile but I think the hacking has stopped

  • Someone says:

    persians use ارسلان as a name too.

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