SEO for Affiliate Programs

Posted on 2nd November, 2006

If you are wondering why you are not making money from affiliate program, this article from Market Position may answer some of your questions.

Throwing a banner ad on your web page does not cut it although you may make a little money. To make more money, you’ll need to employ a number of marketing strategies as discussed in this article.

There are two basic methods of promoting affiliate program on your site, i.e. by adding button or link on your site and by creating an affiliate site or Micro site.

The first method is easy to do and it’s low maintenance. It could bring a constant stream of income as long as you can find ways to funnel targeted traffic into your website such as traffic from organic search engines.

The second one requires more effort but the reward can be more substantial since you are creating value for your visitors and give them a reason to return to your website.

The article also give out a few tips on how to avoid having your site appear in Google’s supplemental index if you are relying on duplicate site provided by merchants for all of their affiliates.

Read the full article here: SEO for Affiliate Programs

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