Sex video of college girl making the rounds

Posted on 26th February, 2006

This is the sort of story that reminds you not to misplace your camera phone. But more importantly, to be careful with what you record on your camera phone. The Internet makes it possible to turn your private recording into some kind of entertainment for the global audience viewing pleasure; all can happen at the speed of light.

And this is what has happened to Tammy, who filmed an explicit sex video with her boyfriend. She misplaced her phone and forgotten about the video clip. Then a fellow student called to say the video had been spotted on the Internet.

News of the video exploded on the Internet, creating an excited buzz on local forums and blogs. The next thing she knew, people look at her as if she is a porn star and her nightmare began.

Apparently, the “Tammy”, Tammy Download”, “NYP Tammy” and Tammynyp” are currently the most search tag on blog search engine Technorati.

Read about Student in sex video scandal speaks up in TheStart.com.my

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