Should You Advertise on Smaller PPC Search Engines?

Posted on 14th December, 2006

Marketing Experiments recently published an interesting article about investing on smaller PPC engines like Kanoodle, Miva and others. Can online marketers achieve a worthwhile return on investment on these engines?

Two years ago we conducted a study of small PPC engines to find out whether they offered online marketers a profitable opportunity to generate more sales.
At that time our research indicated that these smaller engines could indeed generate significant additional revenues.

Today, two years later, and with even more intense bidding for keywords on the major PPC engines – Google, Yahoo! and MSN – we wondered whether these smaller engines still offered a profitable source of additional traffic and income.

From my own experience, the ROI (return on investment) from the smaller PPC engines were usually lower than that of the larger ones, i.e AdWords and Overture. This I believe was due to lower quality of the traffic the smaller engines were getting.

But I can’t say that to be true all the time since my test was done on a smaller scale so there was probably not enough data to arrive to a conclusive finding.

Anyway, Marketing Experiments tested seven small PPC search engines and found some interesting results.

Check out full article here: Small PPC Search Engines Revisited

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