Show Related Links On Your WordPress Landing Pages

Posted on 6th June, 2006

I’ve recently written about landing page design or rather, the mistakes in landing page design that reduce conversion rates.

As I’ve explained in my previous post, a landing page is the page a person lands on after they click on a link on SERP (search engine result pages), AdSense and other banner ad or link in an email. The goal of the page is to get the visitors to take a specific action such as making a purchase, requesting information or registering for a trial offer.

In the same vein, The Undersigned has created a wordpress plugin to help you create a landing page in WordPress. The problem with this idea is that a blog page or post is a terrible landing page by default if your goal is the same as that of a traditional landing page.

However, if your aim is to help your visitors find the posts related to what they have been looking for from the search engines, then this plugin will help you create such landing pages.

When visitors is referred to your site from a search engine, they are definitely looking for something specific – often they just roughly check the page they land on and then closes the window if what they are looking for isn’t there. Why not help them by showing them related posts to their search on your blog?

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