Someone Is Stealing My Blog Posts

Posted on 21st February, 2007

Someone is stealing my blog posts, making them as his own and trying to make money from them using MIVA and AdSense.

Here’s what I am going to do.

Contact MIVA and AdSense to cancel their account.
Notify their web host about it.
Contact Technorati to ban the blog
Contact Google to delist the blog from their index.

It’s bad enough to copy someone’s work without the writer’s permission. It’s even worse to use the stolen content and make money from it.

Check http://www.veryzoo.com/


  • Katana says:

    I have checked and some of the posts are exactly the same of the posts from http://www.sabahan.com. Well I guess you can’t do much with this content pirate since he mixes posts from a number of blogs I presume but I do hope they ban him 😛

  • sundait says:


    This domain registered under BN Fortune in New South Wales, Australia. The Admin and Technical contact given is Nguyen, Binh (name sound like Vietnamese)where his email is binhaus@gmail.com. Maybe Gaman can talk to this guy. What do you think Gaman?

  • calvin says:

    Wah gaman, ko kasi bunuh saja bah itu orang. Perhaps gaman – you can ask him to give a link to your post. Really bad.

  • tv says:

    just want to ask.. can we use RSS autoposting to our blog? collect RSS from other blog and use them in our blog? can or not? thanks

    • Gaman says:

      I don’t think you should that especially if you don’t have a permission. It’s like stealing other people content. Quoting part of the post in your blog and putting a link pointing to the full post would be better.

  • Joneh says:

    alamak… sama habis bah. itu barulah tiru habis2an. sudah ndak minta permission, ndak ada link back lagi. entah apalah orang ni. ndak taukah, senang aja mau tau siapa tiru nama kitakah, post kita kah…semua kena provide by google. i everyday kena sent email from google to tell me, this website use this your text or your name or your blog name..or even your images. Just tell google to search for it. no need for us to go find it. This guys should be ban.. till he said sorry publicly or paid gaman whatever he got out of the post. susah2 orang fikir, research and type..dia senang2 aja ctrl C & V di dalam post dia. OMG!

  • vhanded says:

    I hate that kind of people. Last time I wrote a review of Death Note 2, and a blogger copy and paste on his blog, exactly same sentences, same pictures, same arrangement… and never link back to my blog! One thing that I feel not fair, his Page Rank is higher than you!

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Aiseh..100% dia tiru kau oh. Ada juga urang macam ni. With the amount of time he spent copying other blogs including yours,he could have come up with something original.

  • Undertypo says:

    Keep us updated after you finish all the “to do” list.

    I would like to know what action will be taken by Google and others.

  • lingghezhi says:

    like this oso can??…
    wa. Screw him kau kau…lol.. 0.0

  • mrBadak says:

    gaman – well.. one things for sure. you know you’ve written good content when others plagiarize you. bah when you’ve done roasting this guy, tell us the full story as i’m sure it will be another good post from you.

  • Raymond.CC says:

    That’s normal.

    Do a whois and report to the abuse email provided. The whole site should be taken down within hours.

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  • allbynose says:


    and very funny also when he “wrote” this in his blog..
    “I also notice his ads appear on Sabahan.com.” ..not in his blog veryzoo(dot)com. tiru abis.

  • wow…this guy is looking for some fast money

  • mirul says:

    Hidup Gaman! 😉

  • Thrice Plagiarized: Im Flattered Beyond Words

    [] A plagiarizer should not pocket the income he/she does not deserve []

  • Izwan says:

    Poor that l4m0r guy.

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