Spicing up your WordPress ‘blockquote’ style

Posted on 19th April, 2006

One of my readers, Kurniawan asked what I did to make my blockquote box looks like this

Instead of writing my reply via the comment section I thought I reply his question in this new post so that others who might be interested can read it too.

The effect is achieved by setting several Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) properties in my style.css file.

For my template, I am using this code

blockquote {
border: 1px solid #5c5656;
margin: 1em 0;
padding: 10px;
background: #f8f7f6 url(images/blq.gif);

Just put this code or edit your existing blockquote properties. Then download blg.gif and place it into the appropriate folder.

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  • hwa says:

    cool effect! use it in my blog 😉 thanks for the tips!! 🙂

  • […] Side note: Thanks to Nerdaphernalia for the pullquote plugin and Sabahan for the cool blockquote effect. […]

  • Hi there! I can’t quite get this to work. (Warning: I am a newbie!!) 🙂 I copied the code as is and pasted it into my blog. I tried to download the pic, but it showed a blank page. My blog is on wordpress.org – does this have something to do with it?

  • V3King says:

    It’s A Quite Good But There Are Any Cool Blackquote For WordPress?

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