StudioPay hacked?

Posted on 7th March, 2006

Are you a member of StudioTraffic, the famous autosurf program, and the largest one before it was overtaken by the now defunct 12DailyPro?

If you do not know about this already it may come as a surprise to you. Words are spreading around the Internet that StudioPay the payment processor for StudioTraffic has been hacked. Apparently hundreds of thousands of credit card, utility bills, photo identification and even voided check were taken by a hacker.

I am a member of StudioTraffic myself but gave it up as problem after problem plague the program. I guess I was lucky to be able to write off my $10 investment in there and I have never registered with StudioPay. By the way, you can head to my other blog, PayToSurfReviews.com for all things autosurf.

Anyway, a guy who spooked TalkGold users by impersonating John Horan, the admin and owner of StudioTraffic has created a blog to ‘spread the truth’ about StudioTraffic, what ever it may be. There are some shocking posts in the blog with links to screenshots and video ‘evidence’ to support the claim that StudioPay has been hacked.

From the blog

Many cheerleaders contend that the hacking was either faked, or that it is no big deal. Well, here is a video made by the hacker showing undeniable proof that SP was indeed hacked and that they do have personal information from over 350,000 members of ST. There are black bars in the video so as to prevent personal info of members being leaked out.

What’s more shocking is that the screenshots and video show many personal documents such as identity cards, driving license, utility bills that belong to Malaysian.

[gv data=”http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?videoUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fvp.video.google.com%2Fvideodownload%3Fversion%3D0%26secureurl%3DpgAAAK2dQCp6pflYW1YqqsuL41w5hxTBDOngSLzQB_OPjDhxPtELMBvhKlwN9q-jkp64HljReIL8Xct6Tvdw9Dgnfq9_0D9_IeOV6jvbqsPLvYiOuHRzqOG1XM2LSqZlyPkHfFz38xZQFK91BU3Sjb4SLUugz9ovr2sK0zN4YGESMKhn8zOVGv16RW8xXpplRBEeSTv04bwrMPM5z62Ou18_9UqQdjRY41Sa8lCJfYjgfxgs%26sigh%3DN0ae8LQoomIGavCj3XzmZowAkJ0%26begin%3D0%26len%3D139764%26docid%3D823882894882236510&thumbnailUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fvideo.google.com%2FThumbnailServer%3Fcontentid%3Db15eee8c17a315fe%26second%3D5%26itag%3Dw320%26urlcreated%3D1141650750%26sigh%3D6OIyHyxNbzw801Xv11Lnl9nzA3c&playerId=823882894882236510″][/gv]
Although the legitimacy of the screenshots and video or even the blogger arguments cannot be verified, this can be a cause of a concern for many StudioTraffic members.

Are you a member of ST? What’s your take on this?

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