Surviving the Google AdWords Update of July 2006

Posted on 31st July, 2006

If you have been affected by the recent Google’s landing page algorithm update, a report published by Affiliate Classroom recently may gives you some ideas on how to deal with the changes.

According to the guide, four kinds of sites are hardest hit

  • One page sales letter websites
  • Squeeze pages (landing pages whose sole purpose is to gather an email address in exchange for a free report)
  • AdSense sites (particularly AdSense arbitrage sites)
  • Affiliate sites

This may explain why my sites are not affected since none of them fall into any of these categories.

Apparently, many marketers that had been paying five or ten cents a click (or less) are now required to bid at least 50 cents to a dollar or more. There are also reports of some advertisers who have kept their bid prices, but those bids are now buying only 3rd or 4th page ad positions, where they used to buy first page positions.

Read the full guide: How to Survive the Google AdWords Update of July 2006

[via Shawn Collins]
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