Test Drive Yahoo’s New Home Page

Posted on 17th May, 2006

Yahoo has finally unveiled the new design of its homepage at Yahoo.com to the masses. It was previously only available to a few randomly selected users. You can take a sneak preview of the new homepage by clicking the ‘Try the all-new Yahoo!” link.


So what’s new?

The new design gives prominence to Yahoo! search box and reconfiguring its menu to sit on the left column. They have added new features such as a Personal Assistant which displays recent messages from Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, and Weather among other things.

While the whole page fits nicely into my 17 inch LCD screen, I still find the interface too cluttered for my taste but some may like it.

While testing the new page, I’ve found something which looks like a bug. When I was logged on and put my mouse over the Messenger button, I noticed one of my friends whose stealth setting was offline in my Messenger app was shown as online on the page.

Anyway you can check out Yahoo! here

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