The Future of the Blog

Posted on 25th February, 2006

Blogging is here to stay. Although it won’t supplant the mainstream news Web sites and other established media but it is meant to complement each other. What makes a blog interesting is the presence of a more personal voice.

What would the next big issue in blog design? Interestingly a simpler design with bare-bones templates and more focus would be given to the content.

From the article

We’ll focus on the idea of more select and filtered readership, and how to allow people to read certain posts. That to me is interesting: how different people want different views of the blog. A big issue right now is how to take that idea in account when designing blogs.

Another new challenge is the trend toward adding a lot of assets. People are adding photos, video, and music to supplement the text. How do you make it possible for bloggers to present as much as they want to present without creating blogs that are too cluttered or confusing?

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