The Google Connection: Google Employees on Orkut

Posted on 15th June, 2006

Would you like to get to know the people behind Google? Here’s a compilation of Google employees through Google’s Orkut.

Sergey Brin, who understands sharing anything on Orkut could allow the NSA to datamine him, and who is friends with Google Product Manager Bret Taylor, Google logo doodler Dennis Hwang, Google’s director of search quality Peter Norvig, Google blogger Matt Cutts (8 hearts!), Google mastermind Larry Page (born March 28, and, according to those who know him, “crazy. In a good way”), Google CEO Eric Schmidt (a workaholic from Blacksburg, Virginia, who likes Lord of the Rings and A World Lit Only by Fire, and who dislikes commercials), and also, Marissa Mayer, which brings us back to where we started.

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