The Longest Domain Name In The World

Last modified on 25th March, 2007

Internet domain name allows sixty three characters maximum and six people last year registered the longest Internet addresses allowed for the European .eu domain.

The domains names range from the tongue-twisting name of a Welsh village to the first 63 numbers that make up the mathematical constant pi.

The domains include




Another French company has registered a French language phrase promising that its services would help Internet business grow


Another tongue-twisting name is


which is a village on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales.

A German technology company has registered the first 63 decimal places that make the number pi.


It was claimed that the longest domain name for the com extension belongs to


The owner tried to have it recognized by Guinness as the longest domain in the world and got this response instead

Thank you for sending us the details of your recent record proposal for
‘Registering the worlds longest computer domain name’

After having examined the information you sent, and given full
consideration to your proposal, I am afraid we are unable to accept your
proposal as a record.

This record is currently rested, which means that no one can attempt this
record and become a new record holder. It has been rested because there is
no merit whatsoever in this. It takes little to no effort and is similar
to taking the largest number in the world and then adding 1 to it.

I appreciate you have gone to a lot of effort, and we are delighted to
hear from people around the world with their record claims and
suggestions. However, given the sheer scope of the records on our
database, and the growing number of people contacting us with record
claims and suggestions, we need to exercise some editorial control over
what is and is not accepted as a record.

I appreciate this may be disappointing for you, but I hope this does not
deter you from trying again. We are always keen to hear from people who
wish to break Guinness World Records. If you should need any advice
regarding breaking an existing record, please contact us again quoting the
above reference number. Alternatively, you can contact us through our
website at:


Once again, thank you for writing. We wish you every success with any
future record-breaking endeavours.

Imagine the horde of people trying to claim having the longest domain name if Guinness were to recognize such attempt as a record breaker.

Some other interesting domain names



Registering a very long domain name is good for a publicity stunt to attract media attention but does nothing to help your visitors remember your domain name.

Nobody will type in these long domains; they are visited by clicking links or selecting from a list.

I don’t think anybody has registered a .com.my that use up all the 63 characters yet, I wonder if it’ll attract attention if I be the first to do so. πŸ™‚


  • papajoneh says:

    intersting info here. Yea, try the dot com dot my.

  • CypherHackz says:

    i’m wondering who will type those long url’s if they want to visit the site.

  • It’s just some senseless pride that these people derive from. I too agree that there’s no effort needed or merit derived and those shouldn’t go into the record books.

  • toxicle says:

    Do you think it’s a wise choice to repeat keywords within the domain more than once?

  • pinolobu says:

    i bet josh lim will think up something…

  • Undertypo says:

    Gaman, go and register a long domain name with .com.my

    Then we all tried to promote the site.

    • pinolobu says:

      I could be the first one to do it, and get into the Malaysian Book of Records, but there’s relatively much more red tape when trying to register com.my domains as compared to .com

      • papajoneh says:

        have to friend. you’re putting MY there. We don’t want to embarrass our own country with any improper domain name, right πŸ˜‰ Peace to all Malaysian. πŸ˜€

  • Sarah says:

    My blog has the longest domain name of any on blogger.



  • Yeah baby!
    No such thing as too long! At least not in America.
    That most hyphenated name above kicks ass! I love typing dashes.Helps me relax.

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