The reasons why CJ forces affiliates to change their links & Net Neutrality

Posted on 10th June, 2006

Here’s two links which you might find interesting:

  • CJ’s Link Change an Indicator of an Intergraded ValueClick Behavioral Marketing Network?

    To me, the ultimate question in Commission Junction’s Link Management Initiative (LMI) is why is CJ forcing affiliates to change their links from HTML to JavaScript? I’ve heard the spin from CJ, but no compelling reason for this change. In addition, the community uproar has been loud and furious on this issue and, I think Scott Jango said it best recently, “why CJ is going forward with what seems to many of us outsiders as insane.”

  • A letter from Eric Schmidt, CEO

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt has written a letter to you on the subject of net neutrality and how it can affect your business

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