Thursday 19 April 2007 Quick Links

Posted on 19th April, 2007

YouTube Obeys Teen Prankster
A 15-year old sent a fake takedown notice to YouTube posing as ABC Television and they actually complied with the request!


Speed up Removal of Google link
You can now speed up the removal of your pages from Google search results via a new feature added into Google’s Webmaster Tools.


AdWords Introduces Preferred Cost Biding
Google AdWords has introduced a new feature to enable advertisers specify an average (i.e. preferred bidding ) CPC or CPM bid, as opposed to a maximum CPC or CPM bid in their campaigns.


Paid Links Are Spam
Interesting article from Phillipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped commenting about Google’s Matt Cutts recent post which tells people how to report paid links.

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