Thursday March 1st 2007 Quick Links

Posted on 1st March, 2007

Are super-short posts good for your blog?

Should you write short post or long post? How about super short posts which is less than 300 characters, or 40-50 words per posts?

I personally think that’s too short for me. Besides I need to make sure my post wraps around the AdSense code on my page.


Google: Click Fraud Is 0.02% Of Clicks
Finally Google revealed the number many people have been dying to know. Is that number too low?


Reality Check – What Is Reality For Most Affiliates?

Carsten Cumbrowski received the following email from an affiliate.

I read and read and read, and frankly I’d love to make enough to Quit my Day Job!!!!!!! I still only bring in about $200/month. It’s so frustrating. What are these people doing that I’m not? I devote 40+ hours per week on just affiliate stuff. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

What about this guy’s book Quit the Day Job, does it actually teach you how to make $thousands per month — (which I deserve – so everyone tells me : ) ) ???? Or is he just selling something. I’m frustrated and $30,000 in debt.

Working hard.

The reality is, there are many affiliates in such position and affiliate commissions are just not enough to support a living. If you are struggling with affiliate program, check out the post for some tips and useful info.

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  • Wahlau.NET says:

    i think that 0.02% equal to a lot of money too

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