Track Your Search Trends With Google Search History Trends

Posted on 7th July, 2006

Recently Google has added a nifty gadget to make searching at Google more personalized and relevant based on what you’ve searched for in the past.

It’s called Search History Trends and provides statistics about your search patterns.

You can view and manage your past searches, including the webpages, images, news headlines and Froogle results you’ve clicked on

It’ll take some time to you build up your search history before you notice a huge impact on your search results.

Well, this is probably fun and helpful if my goal when searching at Google is to find the most relevant information based on my past preferences.

However as a site owner, there’ll be time when I would want to see how a site is ranked at the SERPs naturally without any biased towards my own preference. Luckily this feature can be paused or deleted easily.

I am just starting to use it though and I believe my top query for the past few weeks would have been the “world cup”.


There’s a Google Modules you can add into your Google’s Personalized Homepage. It allows you to see interesting trends in your search activity, including your top searches, your most visited websites, your daily activity, and other interesting tidbits.

I can’t help but wonder how SEO could become more like a PR job in the future if personalized searching were going to dominate scene.

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