Use WordPress Timestamp to Specify When You Want Your Post to Go Live

Posted on 30th May, 2007

If you are reading this, chances are I am currently away from my computer and didn’t just write this a moment ago.

I’m away for a couple of days but have prepared some blog posts that will be published at specific intervals thought out the day without my intervention.

There’s a useful feature in WordPress called Post Timestamp which helps me do this. Normally, when you hit the publish button, your post will be published right away.

You can specify when you want a post to go live buy adjusting its timestamp so that your post show up at that time. You can set a time in the future (or in the past if you like.)

Now I need to come up with a bunch of posts and set them to go live at different times of the day for several days.



  • green says:

    I am not using WP but DNN provides same functionality.

  • sriramkri says:

    This is useful when you’re going on holiday and want to look active. 😉

  • Shueqry says:

    Thanks Gaman..

    I’m a Wordpres newbie, this tip really helpful.

    Thank you..

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