View Your AdSense Earnings on Firefox Status bar With AdSense Notifier

Posted on 26th June, 2006


Are you suffering from GAD (Google AdSense Disorder) who needs to check their stats every few seconds to see if you are making more money than you were three seconds ago?

At some point, most people probably have experienced this syndrome 🙂 I know I have.

Fortunately there’s a quick and easy cure for this. All you have to do is install the AdSense Notifier plugin for Firefox.

Adsense Notifier displays your AdSense stats on the status bar. You can specify how often to update your stats and what stats to show.

Another nice feature that I like about this plugin is the ability to access and login into my AdSense account easily just by right-clicking the stats on my status bar.

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  • Thilak says:

    I use a Tool called Syssense Desktop AdSense notifier for this purpose. Have a look at http://www.tech-buzz.net/index.php/2006/06/07/syssense-desktop-adsense-notifier/

  • LcF says:

    I use widsense(os x widget). It shows 3 days adsense stats in a view. 🙂

  • […] One thing for sure, the little plugin such as the AdSense Notifier has actually cured me from GAD. A peek at my Windows status bar gives me all the information I need so. […]

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