What’s The Best Paying Affiliate Program?

Posted on 8th March, 2007

One of the most asked questions about affiliate programs is who pays the most. Shawn Collins tackles this question on his blog and gave an answer that likely not the one you were hoping to hear.

Basically he recommends you to check out what’s available on the affiliate networks like CJ.com, Linkshare.com as well as indie affiliate programs to determine which affiliate programs pays the most in your niche.

There’s no straight forward way to find out which affiliate programs have the best EPC, conversion and the like. To do so, you need to test it yourself.

While such information is readily available from CJ.com and some other affiliate networks, I would recommend you to use this info as a guide only. You’ll need test to see how the offer will perform on your own website.

EPC is not everything. From my experience, a lower EPC value does not means you will get lower conversion rate for the program. I was surprise to see when one of the programs I am promoting produces among the highest conversion rates despite its average EPC value.

I would personally do the following when looking for an affiliate program to promote via a PPC campaign.

1. Check out the competition via Google AdWords
2. Check the EPC value if it’s available
3. Make sure it offers a high commission rate. Software products or ebooks commission rates can reach as high as 70%.
4. Track its performance and keep on testing.
5. Dump non performing programs.

You can watch Shawn’s answer below:


  • Thanks for the infomation

    It is not really easy to make money with affiliate marketing. It involves hardwork

  • Thanks for the tips. The networks offer quite alot of programs and makes it easy to change advertisers.

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