What’s the Internet Going To Be Like 20 Years From Now?

Posted on 29th May, 2006

Berners Lee, widely considered as the inventor of the Internet, well not single handedly, has proclaimed that the Web is ready to evolve.

He used the term called Semantic Web to characterize the next generation of the Web. The new Internet will enable computer to do more heavy lifting in terms if processing data and being able to better interpret the information found on Web pages.

As fleshed out at the conference, Berners-Lee’s vision of the next-generation Internet is one in which Web sites, links, media content, and databases are “smarter,” having the ability to automatically provide more meaning than what is available to users today.

Besides more interactivity and customization, the next web will feature more automation.

Linden explained that, for average Internet users, the technology initially will mean better searches. “Because of the additional data that can be processed better by computers, it will feed all kinds of search, analytics, and reporting,” he said.

“More automation is always great,” Linden said, pointing to Google’s Froogle search engine as an early example of Semantic Web technology. The Semantic Web will be “a great improvement in user experience,” he said.

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How do we, as small publishers and marketers fit into this new World Wide Web?

I believe that we’ll continue to exist, as providers of alternative source of information from the traditional mainstream media. As more sophisticated tools becoming more accessible to the masses, the competition for attention become more intense. Those that offer real value to their visitors will stand out from the pack and survive.


  • TheWheeler says:

    Internet is like every living creature: it’s evolving! You have to evolve or you are doomed to death, literaly speaking.

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