Which One Is More Effective – Long or Short Posts?

Posted on 14th June, 2007

Darren Rowse of Problogger.net has recently received a questing from his reader where he was asked about the length of articles the reader should write.

Is it true that long and detailed articles will help them get indexed and linked while the shorter ones keep the feed readers happy?

The quick answer to that question is, just do what works in your situation. Sites like Engadget.com or Gizmodo.com for example often posted short posts while others like DoshDosh.com or SteveParlina.com prefer longer ones.

Those blogs are successful in what they are doing.

Personally, unless I have a lot to say about a topic, I prefer to write medium and often ‘bite sized’ posts. I have a limited amount of time dedicated to doing article research and blogging. So for practical reasons, I find it effective to write medium and short articles as it allows me to write several posts per day.

As a reader, I also don’t have the patience to read very long posts unless they are absolutely crucial or related to what I wanted to learn at the moment. Shorter posts appeal to those with a shorter attention span.

So I would say the length of articles you should write will depend on your time and commitment as well as the type of audience you have.

Read the full article here: How Long Should a Posts Be?

Are you a long or short post blogger? What works for you as a blogger and as a reader?


  • melvin,foong says:

    I prefer to just write. Nothing beats something that come straight from the heart.

  • kuanhoong says:

    IMHO, short posting is much more effective especially when it is a technology, tips or tutorial related posting. Keep it short and straight to the point.

  • Zhongg says:

    The key is keeping the users’ attention. I think long posts should be separated into parts. This is especially pertinent to those publishing on blogs without paging.

    Another factor to consider is the user might pause and resume reading over a period of time. That’s one of the reason people use books and not scrolls…

  • weirdoux says:

    my opinion is depend on the title. if you start your title with “20 ways to.., 30 tips to.., 10 steps…. and bla..bla.. bla…” it should be long.

    the title than begin with “how to” also need a long explanation except it attached with a video.

    anyway, as long as the topic can attract my attention, i don’t care … short or long also kasi hantam laaa….i will read it.

  • papajoneh says:

    So I would say the length of articles you should write will depend on your time and commitment as well as the type of audience you have.

    You said it perfectly and I agree 100%. Your blog, your own style, your own time. unless you are paid, sponsored to post long, then, there’s no choice.

    I also like what weirdoux said about the title and as for me, title can set the mood of the reader. I don’t mind reading the long post as long as it is interesting as the title mentioned. Great post again Gaman 🙂

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    I think a short to medium post is sufficient…I dislike reading too long post

  • Ed Kohler says:

    Long posts are more likely to end up bookmarked in Del.icio.us while short posts are often popular with Digg users, but it has more to do with the quality of topic and writing than the post length.

  • nesh says:

    well…first of all….hi there sabahan…im new here…i think short posts are efective…short,direct to the point and attracts more readers…i think….neways….visit me at nesh.blogrox.net….and drop a comment if u want to….good day!!!

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Everyone has good points here.

    Personally, i depends on the topic discussed in the post. If it is related to guitar gadgets and stuff, I am willing to read every single line.

    Of course as a blogger, it depends on what info you are trying to share with your readers. If it is just about ‘how to make nice tasting iced Milo’, I don’t think putting a 500 words post is suitable. 😛

  • Lorna says:

    I don’t mind scrolling if I like the post. I blogged about something similar to this a few days, but it was more about the cumbersome fact of clicking on the More link.

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