Windows Media Player 11

Last modified on 28th February, 2006

Microsoft has released Windows Media Player 11. Many improvements can be seen by the redesigned interface which includes simplified trees, helpful shortcuts on the menus and menu bars, and an advanced and improved media library. There are now Back and Forward buttons, giving Media Player a web-browser feel.


Also available is a deeply integrated music library for both online and offline content, the ability to connect to additional hardware easily, and integrated, easy-to-use tools for following the process of any task (downloading music, burning CDs, synching music, or streaming video, just to name a few). Media Player 11 has a new integrated feel, too—one that makes online, network, and offline content indistinguishable.

A review from CNET says

As for the WMP interface, the latest version takes a page from the iTunes book, focusing more on simplicity and ease of use and less on massive numbers of features, though there’re still plenty of them. Microsoft did away with most of the options in the left-hand navigation tree, opting to place emphasis on music instead of offering a huge menu of video, TV, and music all at once

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  • Jaco Ludick says:

    what download free no / yes?

  • Gaman says:

    It should be free.

  • Ahmad says:

    when will it be released for download?

  • Gaman says:

    A firm release date has not been announced yet but it was said that Microsoft is on track to deliver the Windows XP version of WMP 11 by the end of June 2006. Windows Media Player 11 will also be included in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Vista operating system when it is released in late 2006 (for businesses) or early 2007 (for consumers); the Vista version will include some features not found in the XP version, though Microsoft hasn’t said what those features will be.

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