World Cup Results on Google, Ask.com, Yahoo

Posted on 10th June, 2006

For the first time, Google has added some world cup shortcuts and match results to their search engine result pages to help the football fan keep themselves updated with the latest scores and schedules of the world cup.

Some of the keywords that that triggered this info “fifa”, “world cup”, “football”, “soccer”, etc…

The data which supposedly shows results in real time was sometimes one to five few minutes late last time I checked during the German vs. Costa Rica match.

Google is also offering a module which you can be added into your personalized Google Homepage.


To offer better coverage, another search engine, Ask.com has added a graphic bar on its homepage to allow you follow specific teams by quick click.


Not to be outdone, Yahoo too has added world cup info to their search engine result pages.

I find Yahoo offering is the most complete among the three search engines. It covers various aspects of the World Cup via Yahoo Sports. The portal include video highlights, news, profile, schedule, mobile downloads and more.

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  • Gaman says:

    There are many places where we can get info about the World Cup and this is one of the good sites.

    But it’s not related to the search engines in any way.

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