Would You Like the Chance to Win A Free Domain Name?

Last modified on 24th October, 2007

Most of my regular readers probably know that I was running a contest where I gave away free domain names and free WordPress hosting for life.

I know I haven’t been posting any update about it for a while. So in case you are wondering, the contest is still up and running at the moment. So far I’ve given away six domain names and one free hosting – yes the hosting is free for life.

The next draw will take place once I’ve received enough entries for Group 7. Here are the entries so far.



  1. Charles Lau
  2. Raja Wang
  3. Tim Un
  4. NoorizamShah.com

You’ll have one in five chances to win the domain name, if you ask me, there’s a good possibility it could be you 🙂 Sadly, this would probably be the last draw for the contest if no more entries coming in. I’ll go ahead drawing a winner among the four entries above and the contest will be officially closed.

If you are interested, this is you last chance to take part. You can read the full details of the contest here.


  • yeahhh.. come on to join this competition..

    charles lau doing good with video review

  • Mr. Rajawang says:

    wow I thought I have missed the draw already, so long ago I made the review… hehe 🙂

  • david says:

    That’s a pretty cool contest there.

  • ky says:

    Excuse me for a off-topic comment here:

    May i know what is it like living as a full time blogger? Is there a routine task you commit yourself to do everyday?

    Perhaps you can reply me with a new article. :p

  • Great! I love contests! 🙂

  • papajoneh says:

    Hmm.. i think i try this again.. anything free is good.. especially from a local friend. Ok.. will do this later 🙂

  • Tim says:

    Rajawang, haha….same to me too. It was almost 3 months ago…I even forgotten I’ve entered this contest.

    Gaman, BTW My name is “Tim Un” , not Tim Mun (sounds like timun huh? ) 🙂

    –blog for dream–

  • wandira says:

    Am I eligible to enter the contest again ? 🙂 Just wondering who will win the wordpress hosting.

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    congrats..i won previously…this is a great contest

  • Tim says:

    Can’t wait for the winner announcement! 🙂

  • Do you forget about the contest you enter. Want to track the results announcement. The you should subscribe to Link And Earn

    We will like to win this contest too 🙂

  • […] see if there’s anybody else would send their contest entries, sadly nobody did. So as I wrote in my earlier post, this will be the last draw for the contest due to the lack of participation. The contest is now […]

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