Would You Tell Me Just One SEO Secret?

Posted on 3rd August, 2006

Marcia, Search Engine Watch Forums moderators has started a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums asking members if they would share one SEO secret they’ve discovered. She started with the following post:

Would you share just one little SEO secret you’ve discovered, about any search engine out there? I will:

It takes a bit of work, but MSN Search likes “minty fresh” websites.

How about you? Got a secret for us?

To read the rest of the “secrets” from other members, head over to Search Engine Watch Forums.

[via Search Engine Roundtable]

  • blogger says:

    I secret why we want to know??

  • ahwong5 says:

    Gaman, may i know what are you trying to tell us? Would you like each of us to post one secret of SEO that we have discovered?? 😛

  • Gaman says:

    I am sorry if the title is a little confusing. Actually I was referring to the forum thread.

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