Yahoo! is redesiging their homepage?

Posted on 7th March, 2006

Several people reported that they have seen a new version of the Yahoo! homepage while accessing the site.

I pasted two screenshots below. You’ll need to click on the thumbnail to see the full image. Can’t confirm if they are not photoshop but I think they are genuine.


This one has a white Yahoo logo with the search bar at the top, and a list of categories running down the left hand side.


This one is using a lighter colour scheme with the same layout as the previous one.

Both designs are clean, and functional. I particularly like the way they organize different information into different sections with the navigation/categories on the left side and services on the top right below the search bar. It kind of has the MSN.com feels and in a way it reminds me the old Excite.com search engine.

Yahoo! is currently testing the new design and will roll it out soon

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  • greg says:

    Yes, I have the same new page. a couple of screen shots


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