10 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money from Text-Link-Ads.com

Posted on 4th July, 2007

It’s no secret that text link ads such as those from from Text-Link-Ads.com (TLA) can be one of the best source of income for a blog.

I like TLA because it’s low maintenance and it doesn’t interrupt with my blog users’ experience. The income generated is passive, meaning I don’t have to do anything but concentrate on producing useful content for my blog.

Advertisers find them appealing in that TLA gives them all the exposure, traffic and at the same time passes some reputation that could help them improve their PageRank and search engine rankings. Those benefits are priced at a flat rate per month regardless of how many impressions or clicks the advertiser gets.

Once your blog is accepted into the program, TLA will start selling links for you. They use a combination of factors to evaluate your blog’s value such as your website theme, traffic, and link popularity. The TLA calculator is a good tool to help you determine how much you can make from TLA from your blog.

As exciting as this sound; there are many bloggers who find it difficult to make money from TLA. Looking at it from an advertiser’s perspective is one of the best ways to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Below, I’ve listed 10 reasons why your blog fails to make money from TLA.


1. Using Bad Description

Blogs with a bad description at TLA marketplace don’t usually sell well.

When writing a description for your blog, don’t just write what your blog is all about. Include benefits that’s unique to your blogs which could help convince potential advertisers why they should advertise on your blog.




2. Unsuitable TLA Placements

If I were an advertiser, I would want my link placed at a highly visible and strategic location such as on the left sidebar and above the fold.

However I also do not want my link to be visually too distinct from the other page elements to that point that it causes banner blindness. This is a phenomenon where users ignore banner-like (or text ads in this case) elements whether consciously or unconsciously.

You can find out if a location on your blog encourages users click by tracking it using Crazy Egg or ClickHeat.

You can then use the information to potential advertisers and convince them that they will get the clicks they want. Keep on testing to find the best TLA placements for your blog.



3. Because You Don’t Promote TLA

Having your blog listed at TLA marketplace isn’t enough to attract advertisers. To sell more text link ads, you need to make it clear on your blog that you are selling them. One way to do this is to include a short but descriptive call to action below your TLA such as “your link here” or “get featured here”.


4. Because Your Blog Lacks Focus

If your blog is trying to be everything to everyone, some advertisers may find this not very appealing. If you write about the automotive industries, then don’t write about health insurance all of a sudden unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Select a specific niche where you blog belongs to and stick to it.

Advertisers will be happier if they could place their links on a blog that’s highly relevant to their product or service. However, this is not always the case if all the advertiser is looking for is to buy your “Google juice”.

This brings me to my next point


5. Because You Are Not The Authority In Your Niche

If an advertiser has another option to advertise on a different blog in the same niche as yours which has more authority, which one do you think he will choose?

Work hard to establish your blog as the authority in its niche. To reach this goal, you need to keep on producing useful and unique content that help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

Your reputation will help you sell more text link ads. Unfortunately, it will also attract advertisers from other unrelated niches. My suggestion is to avoid accepting such orders if you can as this will affect your blog reputation negatively in the long run. In addition, avoid taking any action that makes you look like trying to spam the system and avoid from using any bad search engine optimization practices. No one wants to be associated with a spammer.


6. Because You Have a Low Traffic & Non-Influential Blog

This is obvious but many bloggers still wonder why they don’t make money from TLA not realizing that it’s because of the above reasons.

Many potential advertisers check your Alexa ranking and Technorati ranking to help them decide whether it’s worth paying for a text link ad on your blog. Better Alexa and Technorati rankings will not only attract more advertisers, but they’ll also increase your text link ads price.


7. Because Your Blog Is Cluttered With Other Links

If you want to sell more text link ads, you better make sure to offer exclusive placement for your advertisers. Having a blogroll filled with hundreds of links reduces the perceived value of your blog. Why should an advertiser pay you when they can ask you to add their link in your blogroll for free?


8. Because You Are Running TLA On a Single Blog

The income generated from TLA might be small especially if you have a new blog. If placing TLA on a single blog fails to generate a decent income, why not sell multiple links on multiple blogs?

Many bloggers find that they can actually make more from TLA just by selling links on multiple blogs.


9. Because You Let TLA Determines Your Rates

Do you know that you can write to TLA and ask them to increase your ads price? Obviously, most new blogs are not in the position to do this.

But if you have a well-established blog, you can ask them to increase your ad price accordingly. Just be sure the price increase doesn’t drive potential advertisers away. I’ve never tried this personally but I’ve found others who have done it.


10. Because You Don’t Remove Old Advertisers

As JohnTP found out, advertisers who continue renewing their ad on your blog pay the same price as when they first made the purchase. Any changes in your ad price won’t affect these advertisers.

To solve this problem, you can write to TLA and ask them to inform the advertisers that if they want to continue placing their links on your blog, they’ll have to pay the new price. The downside for doing this is that you risk losing those advertisers.

However, it won’t be a problem if you have a popular blog that sold out its inventory every now and then.

There you have it! If you are not making good money from Text-Link-Ads.com, stop and check – you might be committing any of the above mistakes.

Sign-up with Text-Link-Ads.com if you haven’t done it already.


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

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