50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia

Last modified on 8th February, 2007

One of the topics that came across my mind last weekend was to compile 100 of the most influential blogs in Malaysia .

Currently, there’s no straight forward formula that I could use to determine who the most influential bloggers are in the Malaysian blogosphere. Granted, I could have utilised any metric to come up with a list but does it really represent the real influential blogs list?


Why Technorati?

I’ve decided to use Technorati to rank blogs for several reasons. While I am aware that it’s not without its flaws, the lack of other reliable and readily accessible metrics has made me think that Technorati is the best option I have.

One of commonly available metrics used to rank a site is the Alexa Traffic Rankings. The problem with Alexa is that it’s highly unreliable because it’s biased towards tech savvy or webmasters traffic. In addition, it has a limited reach and the only traffic counted is from those who have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser.

To show how skewed Alexa ranking can be, let’s compare Sabahan.com with LimKitSiang.com blog. While, the later gets an average of 2200+ visitors daily, Sabahan.com still ranks higher in Alexa ranking even though it only gets a couple of hundreds visitors daily.


Other metric that I could’ve considered using was the number of Bloglines or Feedburner subscribers a blog has. Problem is, the number does not always correspond to a blog’s traffic level where it can be used to gauge a blog’s influence.

Take KennySia.com as an example, it gets an average of 14,000 visitors per day but its Feedburner count indicates only 90 readers have became subscribes to the blog. Basing one’s judgment on this metric alone would exclude kennysia.com as one of the most popular blogs in Malaysia .

I suspect one of the reasons for the lower than expected count is that, local blog readers might prefer to visit a blog directly rather than reading it via their feed readers. This observation is based on my own Feedburner statistics where I found that most of my feed subscribers are coming from the US and the UK .

Other metrics such as Sitemeter could be useful but only a handful of blogs enable public access to their statistics.


What Defines Influence?

The next question one should ask is “what defines influence”?

Shouldn’t it be based on the number of people talking about you and your writings, or the number of feed subscribers or the number of unique visitors coming to your blog daily?

How about the niche where your blog belongs to? Shouldn’t it be taken into consideration when determining a blog’s influence? Surely a popular political blogs such as that of Jeff Ooi Screenshot is more influential than a personal blog such as KennySia.com right?

So, ideally I should come up with some kind of formula that take all the above into consideration to gauge the influence of a blog. But since I’m not writing a PhD thesis here, I’ve to come back to using Technorati to get some idea of who are the most influential bloggers in Malaysia .


Understanding Technorati Numbers

Technorati ranking is based on the number of links pointing at a blog in the last 180 days. The 180 day window means that ranks and link counts go up and down.

Technorati ranks a blog relative to other blogs in the world. In a way, it shows how much impact a blog has on the blogosphere in general.

Note that since blogs often have the same number of blogs linking to them, several blogs can share a ranking. The reason why I’ve selected top 50 blogs and ignored 51 to 100 is because this range can be sketchy.

Obviously more blogs share the same lower positions and it’s impossible to find all these unreported number of blogs that have the same rankings.


The Disadvantages of Using Technorati

One big problem using Technorati ranking to measure a blog influence is that it considers all links to be equal. So does it really measures a blog influence (aka authority) or merely states the popularity of a blog? Obviously these are two different things.

If a blog linked from 100 most authoritative, high trafficked blogs, would it has the same authority as another blog linked from 100 least authoritative blogs? Common sense tells us those two blogs are not similar but this is what Technorati fails to take into consideration.

Another problem with Technorati is that the ranking system can be easily manipulated. Given enough motivation, a group of bloggers can move up the rankings by constantly linking up to each other blogs.

Similarly a blog’s rank can climb faster due to the link exchange activities conducted by an overzealous blogger. Obviously it would get harder as you climb up the ranking tree.

A blog’s ranking could shoot up through the roof if a post or the blogger suddenly becomes popular (Rocky’s Bru? ) or a post got into the digg.com’s front page.

Old timers would naturally enjoy higher rankings because of the higher number of inbound links accumulated over time. This is obviously not one of Technorati’s disadvantages.

Those bloggers who are offering free WordPress themes would have a better chance to rank higher in the list because their blog’s link would appear all over the place. Two of such bloggers who made it into the top 10 are Sapiensbryan.com and alexallied.com.

While there’s nothing wrong with giving away free themes, this practice can still influence a blog’s ranking regardless of its content. Just for the record though, I think Sapiensbryan.com andalexallied.com have some good content in their blog.

There are several reasons why a popular blog is not included in the list.

  • A blog won’t make it into the list if it’s down and was not accessible when I conducted the search (eg http://www.sixthseal.com/ )
  • If a blog was moved from other domain, it’ll lose its previous ranking. Example for this is Teresakok.com which was moved from teresakok.blogsome.com.
  • If Technorati is unable to index a blog for whatever reason, it won’t make it into the list.
  • If you have a popular blog but you don’t write about local issues, you won’t be included in the list if I don’t know that you are a Malaysian. Although you do not have to be Malaysian to be included (eg shaolintiger.com)
  • Perhaps, I am just not aware that you blog exists

Despite the obvious shortcomings of how Technorati ranking works, I would say that it’s still the closest I can get to determine who the most influential Malaysian bloggers are.

I believe the number of inbound links correlates to a blog influence and authority to a certain degree. I don’t know to what extent but certainly it can’t be dismissed.


Wisdom of the Crowds

While the Malaysian blogosphere is a vibrant and diverse place, there are few well-established blogs which occupy ranking below the 15,000 mark.

The top 50 list below is by no means definitive or accurate. Having said that, let this be a starting point to get some insights into who are the most influential Malaysian bloggers.

If you know of any blogs which should be in the list (according to Technorati), please let me know in the comment section. Hopefully with everyone’s help and participation, the list will reflects the ‘real’ top 50 more closely.


Some stats

  • 28% of the Malaysian Top 50 Bloggers write about personal stuff
  • 16% write about politics
  • 16% write about technology


NoBlog TitleTechnorati Rank Category
1kennysia.comRank: 234 (4,828 links from 2,406 blogs)Personal
2SapiensBryan.comRank: 604 (2,676 links from 1,577 blogs)Technology
3Hemmy.netRank: 1,667 (1,862 links from 932 blogs)Humor
4JeffOoi.com Screenshot Rank: 2,009 (2,824 links from 836 blogs)Politics
5LiewCF.comRank: 3,346 (1,532 links from 613 blogs)Technology
6Yasmin The Story TellerRank: 3,594 (1,026 links from 585 blogs)Entertainment
7Afdlin ShaukiRank: 3,750 (874 links from 569 blogs)Entertainment
8PaulTan.OrgRank: 7,360 (863 links from 369 blogs)Auto
9Alex AlliedRank: 8,367 (589 links from 345 blogs)Personal
10Rocky’s BruRank: 8,402 (1,015 links from 344 blogs)Politics
11Lim Kit SiangRank: 8,593 (826 links from 337 blogs)Politics
12Hot-screensaverRank: 8,976 (531 links from 323 blogs)Personal
13EVERiBODi LAFU ROJAKSRank: 9,411 (785 links from 310 blogs)Humor
145XmomRank: 10,439 (1,131 links from 297 blogs)Personal
15masak-masakRank: 11,717 (648 links from 269 blogs)Food
16smashin’ pOpstarRank: 12,698 (669 links from 254 blogs)Personal
17cheeserland.comRank: 13,733 (439 links from 236 blogs)Personal
18Kahsoon.comRank: 15,091 (427 links from 218 blogs)Humor
19minishorts.netRank: 16,256 (398 links from 202 blogs)Personal
20Patric Teo TokkokRank: 18,289 (282 links from 182 blogs)Personal
21FriedBeef’s TechRank: 20,119 (356 links from 168 blogs)Technology
22Amanz.netRank: 21,013 (430 links from 161 blogs)Technology
23KickdefellaRank: 21,251 (505 links from 159 blogs)Politics
24CyberHackz.netRank: 21,381 (558 links from 158 blogs)Technology
25SultanMuzaffarRank: 21,514 (324 links from 157 blogs)Entertainment
26FireangelRank: 21,668 (348 links from 156 blogs)Personal
27Lagu Top Masa KiniRank: 22,088 (298 links from 153 blogs)Entertainment
28jasiminne anorexic penguinRank: 22,088 (264 links from 153 blogs)Personal
29Gobala KrishnanRank: 22,200 (365 links from 152 blogs) Marketing
30The Scribe A Kadir JasinRank: 22,200 (269 links from 152 blogs)Politics
31A Gonzo JournalRank: 22,371 (381 links from 151 blogs)Personal
32As Suanie Sees ItRank: 23,740 (457 links from 142 blogs)Personal
33Nizam Zakaria – Limau NipisRank: 24,396 (269 links from 138 blogs)Literature
34 Susan LooneRank: 25,146 (509 links from 134 blogs)Politics
35ShaolinTiger.comRank: 25,286 (337 links from 133 blogs)Personal
36BibliobibuliRank: 25,921 (329 links from 130 blogs)Literature
37MichaelOoi.netRank: 26,568 (290 links from 127 blogs)Personal
38SaifulSham.comRank: 27,158 (386 links from 124 blogs) Marketing
39Faisal TehraniRank: 27,639 (169 links from 122 blogs)Literature
40Raymond.CC BlogRank: 27,690 (276 links from 122 blogs)Technology
41RantingbyMMRank: 27,865 (241 links from 121 blogs)Politics
42Anwar IbrahimRank: 28,570 (185 links from 120 blogs)Politics
43Eudcation In Malaysia Rank: 29,571 (298 links from 116 blogs) Education
44SmartUsahaRank: 29,935 (298 links from 113 blogs) Marketing
45RotorBlog.comRank: 30,287 (170 links from 112 blogs)Technology
46Vincent ChowRank: 30,287 (158 links from 112 blogs)Humor
47Babe in the City – KLRank: 30,844 (398 links from 110 blogs)Food
48kyspeaks.comRank: 31,740 (261 links from 107 blogs)Food
49Irfan KhairiRank: 32,439 (398 links from 105 blogs)Marketing
50Aisehman.orgRank: 32,858 (314 links from 104 blogs)Politics

An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

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  • wk says:

    nice compilation. just stumbled on here and though now already 2008, most of them are still relevant; not that much changes…

  • thanks for the list ya..i will check it out..i love good blog ^^

  • […] but it is still being used by advertisers to measure a blog’s worth. Then, there is Sabahan 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia lists using another standard of measurement. (me on #14 last […]

  • goblogging says:

    really great list! 😉 I’ll visit them

  • Etavasi says:

    Gaman 😀 Saya ko tidak kasih list sini.. ko kasih tambah lah bah 51 hehehehe 😀 actually i looking for something then suddenly cross pula masuk sini.. hehehe Add me in 51 list

  • […] Malaysian blogs I read a post in Giuk.net of Gaman’s 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia, hopped onto the post, and one site caught my interest so I went to visit […]

  • […] year I wrote an article where I listed 50 of the most influential blogs in Malaysia based on Technorati Ranks. Am I glad I did that because it appears that the list has become a […]

  • […] kata Kadir Jasin dalam rancangan ini, dalam 50 Blog Popular di Malaysia, hanya 8 blog sahaja yang menulis mengenai politik, malah yang menjadi Blog Paling Popular di […]

  • […] was talking about some malaysian bloggers and how famous they are. To be honest, I hardly read anyones blog, I heard that that happens to a […]

  • StuckS says:

    this year,the list will be totally different from last year..xD

  • […] all know that Kenny Sia is the top among all Malaysian blogger. But who is the top in this […]

  • Sabahan… you need to update this list. Great job. May be try until 100th list.

  • Raymond says:

    How about an update of this list? This way we get to know about who went up/down and also the new comers 😉

  • bodrox says:

    good… good… this list can be to use as a tools to know more about Malaysian blooger. nice info. 🙂

  • David Chew says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have been writing my blog since two weeks ago and hope i could be in that list.

  • ajacx says:

    can you check my blog strength…plz….i don’t know how..

  • shy guy says:

    Hm.. How about an updated list?? I think it will change now…

  • […] wanted to know who the top 10 Malaysian Bloggers were, but instead I found a list though Google of Top 50 Malaysian Blogs and I looked through most of them. Two words to say : “Malaysia Boleh!“. If I had to […]

  • oh wow. I wish I was on this list. I need to work harder

  • […] She is Malaysia’s top 50 most influential blogger. […]

  • […] She is Malaysia’s top 50 most influential blogger. […]

  • […] for arguments on Alexa: Perfektionist, Robert Basic, Marcelo, Sabahan, Dirk Olbertz, SEOPitfall, Peter Norviq from Google, the Technology Blog and Garry […]

  • wan rahman says:

    Nice article I’ll like to invite you to participate with our new project

  • […] of the most successful link baiting articles that I’ve written is the 50 most influential blog in Malaysia […]

  • […] : Sahaban.Com I got this from my friend’s blog ( Amanz ).Well congratulation to all of them.I think some of […]

  • zewt says:

    … and i made it already…

  • hanafi says:

    Hi, nice job. One question, how do I know my blog ranking if I am not in the top 50?

  • […] from other bloggers for his useful posts such as the 10 most useful WordPress plugins and 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia, he never stops short of devising new strategies to attract more visitor (read “money”). He […]

  • […] from other bloggers for his useful posts such as the 10 most useful WordPress plugins and 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia, he never stops short of devising new strategies to attract more visitor (read […]

  • […] demonstrated this when I compared the Alexa stats for Sabahan.com and a political blog in the 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia. In that article, I pointed out that while the political blog gets more traffic daily, Sabahan.com […]

  • […] top ranked page on MSN makes an extensive use of HTML TABLE in its code. This is somehow contradicts to what some […]

  • gayathry says:

    Hi, i know it is a long time since you posted the stats and analysis. But I will be having a talk this sunday to some politicians, and will be using the list of 50 in Malaysia. I have credited your blog in the use of the statistics.

    hope that’s ok.

  • […]  50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia […]

  • khairul says:

    any update on latest top50?

    • Gaman says:

      The list has changed somewhat but I believe most but not all of those who have made it into the current list will be in there

  • Dexter says:

    If I am not mistaken.. Honkiat.com is a malaysian blogger.. Why is he not in the List? Just a question

    • Gaman says:

      I think he was still ‘under the radar’ when the list was created. Or perhaps I’ve missed him. The list won’t be updated, instead a new one will be published next year.

  • […] Sabahan – It discusses about technorati as one way to determine a blog’s influence in the blogosphere depending on the authority and the number of links linking a certain blog. There are also controversial issues identified with regard to using technorati as the basis, but it is a measure that is close to the purpose of getting the necessary details of a blog’s influence in the blogosphere. Read more here. […]

  • des says:

    this post is very informative! i am also thinking about the basis for putting up my list of emerging and influential blogs for 2007. i got some ideas here. thanks!

  • […] that also want to publish. As if Papa Joneh go under the 20,000 rank and be listed in the Popular controversial post done by Gaman from Sabahan.com. Yahla […]

  • This is a great piece. I hope you can join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007 writing project and share your thoughts about it.

    Thank you.

  • sriramkri says:

    I am going to speak about social and media landscapes in singapore at the podcamp europe conference next week and i will be quoting your statistics about the top 50 bloggers in malaysia. cheers.

  • Zaidi says:

    Man, i’m in mid 40’s and hope more Malaysian parents into blogging . Good example to our children.For all the children who will be taking UPSR soon …ALL THE BEST. Hope you can practice all the past year paper at http://malasbelajar.com

  • Zaidi says:

    Syabas !!! Congrat on becoming 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia….and great write up on this article.

  • sriramkri says:

    Good work on the analysis. how long did it take u to do it?

  • […] 50 Most Influencial Blogs in Malaysia […]

  • […] The post that serves the best purpose to me was 10 most useful WordPress Plugins while post on 50 most influential blogs is a nice way of ranking Malaysian […]

  • […] really drew my attention (and I am sure scores of Malaysian bloggers as well) was the post on the 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia. With such an enticing title to the post and being the kepohman I am, I was bound to click on that […]

  • […] It’s interesting to see that this change reflect more closely of the influence of blogs as I’ve written earlier about Malaysia’s 50 most influential blogs. […]

  • […] 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia […]

  • Palmdoc says:

    What, no Health/medicine category? 😉

  • Sazkul says:

    List of motivation….

  • […] I proudly present my si-heng (brother in crime) the venerable Mr. Rojakz Wingz. He is one of the Most Influential Blogger in Malaysia and now, the Strongest Blog in Malaysia. Dun pway-pway wei, you all bully me, I go call him, skali […]

  • […] publishing the list of most influential blogs in Malaysia here in Sabahan.com, Alang of Webmaster Malaysia blog has came up with an alternative ranking which […]

  • […] fact, there are so many issues to considered about. And according to earlier research by Sabahan, I notice that 16% blog about politics out of 50 Top Influential Blogs in Malaysia. This mean […]

  • […] ini adalah berdasarkan dari 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia oleh Sabahan.com dimana beliau menggunakan Technorati Ranking sebagai pengukur untuk menentukan […]

  • […] the growth of political blogs in Malaysia and strangely, 16% write about politics (according to Sabahan). That’s why there’s growth like mushroom after the rain ranging from Lim Kit Siang to […]

  • […] 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia « Sabahan.com (tags: malaysia blogs influential) […]

  • […] I get in the top 50, their recognition or their link back to me. ‘Their’ I mean, The 50 Most Influential Malaysian Blogs group links. No way, I thought. Well, here they are! A good start for newbie like me, eh? Just 25 posts […]

  • […] GO UPWARD or even go down to ZERO! hey, I have to do what I have to do. I am not a popular guy with influential blog in Malaysia. Any opportunity to have this many readers at this short time.. actually like less than 24 hours, […]

  • […] been meaning to do an update to the 50 most influential blogs for a while but finally decided not to do so – at least for […]

  • […] written about the skew Alexa metrics before and I think we should be aware about this when using Alexa to compare one site to […]

  • […] The complete listing is at Sabahan.com – 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia. […]

  • lingghezhi says:

    Throw me on the list!!! =P

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Wow. Only after reading your post do I know the amount of interesting and cool blogs we have here in Malaysia. This was really useful. 😀

  • […] intention when I wrote the post about Malaysia’s 50 Most Influential Blogs was to arouse some discussion around the Malaysian blogosphere and arouse it did. The post has […]

  • korokmu says:

    How about fungkurs-network.net?

  • […] interesting read if are also interested to know 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia. Share: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web […]

  • amok says:

    most influential? don’t agree. most linked agree.

  • […] of all, we have Gaman from Sabahan.com recently posted a great post about 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia. I rather named this post as 50 most linked blogs in Malaysia. Why? It’s because Gaman use […]

  • Joneh says:

    cant wait to see the next update.. its probably be the most POPULAR BLOG. Like this post. its so popular and even to some, controversial. great stuff ere..!
    bilalah Most popular SABAHAN BLOG! Hahahaha.

  • Gaman says:

    BTW, I’ll have to remove Rotorblog in my next update because the blog actually belongs to a non Malaysian and doesn’t write about Malaysia.

  • […] different links from other sites also? The difference is that at Sabahan.com have been published top of the most influential blogs of Malaysia and also RotorBlog.com is mentioned […]

  • […] been some hot topics on the 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia that most bloggers don’t quite agree on the term, influential. I think it should be named Top […]

  • bangku says:

    Dear Sabahan,

    There is a Malay blog at http://www.saifulislam.com that has a whopping 644 links (!!!) as stated on technorati here – http://technorati.com/search/saifulislam.com

    I believe you should include this blog in your list. Otherwise, please provide us valid reasons why you didn’t.

    • Gaman says:

      The blog is not properly indexed by Technorati. As you can see there’s no ranking data there besides the number of links. Compare it to this


      Besides, the number of links for saifulislam.com actually lower than that of Aisehman.org which is currently at number 50. So saifulislam.com actually ranks lower than the top 50.

    • Joneh says:

      i try to search the blog above in blog direcory, it came out like this…,
      “There are blogs, and then there’s whatever you just typed in. If it’s a blog, we don’t know about it. Maybe you made a typo. Or maybe it’s a blog that doesn’t exist. Maybe you don’t exist. (In which case, please ignore this.)”
      interesting….. eventhough search through blog post produced 642 links at local malaysian time 3:46pm, Sun 11 Feb 2007.

    • HURULAINI says:

      I actually wanted to suggest saifulislam.com too…with google pagerank 5/10….and become one of main reference for muslim community

  • […] as the top blog in the marketing blog category.Well, I am well aware that to get into the list of most influential blog is not an easy task. There have to be persistence and determination to blog everyday.Building […]

  • blog reader says:

    I don’t think this list should be caled the “MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOG LIST” as it only takes into account how many blogs linking to a certain blog.

    Kudos on compiling the list, but “INFLUENTIAL” is certainly not the right word.

  • […] spend some time to compile a list of “50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia” which based solely on Technorati rank. LiewCF is at […]

  • […] list of the 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia (based on technorati ranking) has just been released, and has caused some stir in the […]

  • […] tahun ini,Sabahan.com mengeluarkan senarai lain dengan tajuk ‘50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia‘.Weblog aku tak ada.Ha haSemua ini gara-gara aku berpindah hosting & backup aku sampai […]

  • http://technorati.com/search/ikram-zidane.com

    # Rank: 9,623 (612 links from 305 blogs)

    based on technorati, i should rank 14 ?

  • […] reading Gaman post on the most influential bloggers in Malaysia make me think hard whether I could really make it online – i.e. paying my bills, feeding my family. […]

  • Steven says:

    Hi there,

    Good post for list of showing the most influencial blog in Malaysia. At least I am more inform on other popular bloggers within Malaysia.

  • I’ve decided my ranking is not high enough..

    So I need more links!

  • Wallow! 🙂

    My blog was ranked among the 50 Most Influential Blog in Malaysia… Couldn’t believe my eyes… :p

    Thanks for you effort in compiling this list.. You rock!

    Sabri SaifulSham

  • zewt says:

    cool…. my inspiration!

  • Adam OK says:

    Great work. It’s really interesting. I Dugg this story too.

  • […] Malaysia is one of the fastest growing blogospheres in the region. To explore it, you can start of blogwalking through this top 50 blogs. Here’s the top dozen — and to view the rest of the list please visit here. […]

  • 5xmom says:

    Best recipes, foods and travel
    * Rank: 31,849 (738 links from 108 blogs)
    * URL: http://www.malaysiabest.net
    (from Technorati)

    Wakahkah, just want to jump in with my figures. This is one of my food blog call malaysiabest. When compared, I think masuk jugak kat empat puluh lapan. Never mind, saja wanna tumpang glamour.

  • […] Masa kat forum WangCyber tadi, aku dapat mesej mengucapkan tahniah, sebab blog aku tersenarai sebagai Top 50 Blog in Malaysia. Hmm…gembira gak, so aku pun gi ar check pasal berita nie kat Sabahan, aku nyer blog ranking no. 22, berikut ialah carta yang aku ambil dari blog Sabahan. […]

  • ah dam says:

    you totally forgot bout niknazmi.com.but nice piece there.

  • […] the 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia article by gaman from Sabahan.com (Nice link-baiting dude), I feel […]

  • Katana says:

    Diana, I am working in Brunei but I am still a 100% Malaysian. Well I don’t see any rules in this list that says only Malaysians living in Malaysia qualify. 😛

  • colbert says:

    oh man. I lost to SAifulsham….nvm lar. I know those guys and they are cool

  • Diana says:

    Sure or not? One of them is from Brunei that I don’t care to mention who. Maybe he sounds Malaysian.

  • […] course one can start extending the argument to the Technorati analysis I did previously. But then again, the Technorati analysis is confined mainly to the blogosphere […]

  • Blogger says:

    Although this a good job you do, but this list meant nothing really. I mean, like certainly Jeff Ooi’s blog more influential than no. 2 and 3. And No. 2, as you say was up there because of the free WordPress templates he offered, not that he is popular. Then, this is all based on technorati link. There are good blogs that are not being linked. It no mean that being linked a lot, is popular. Me agreed with this person called Menj. Traffic and links do not mean most influential

    • Gaman says:

      Obviously everyone has their own ‘perfect’ top list in mind. 😉 If nobody likes to link to a particular ‘good’ blog, may be it’s just not ‘good enough’?

      • Glam says:

        I cannot disagree with Gaman.We can all have our 50 most popular blog lists, and dsave for a few, most will differ for many good reasons. i am a new blooger and I will never ever make it into your Top 50 list, not even in your 100 list – but still, whatever the case may be, I admire your effort. At least, you started the ball rolling…

  • Aaron Tan says:

    wakakaz.. kennysia top of the pile!

  • […] I’m one of the top 50 most influential Malaysian bloggers. This comes after I have just been accused of not being Malaysian, being a traitor living in […]

  • smartzul says:

    Thanks for include my blog.. 🙂

    Nice job and list!

  • […] YOU! DON’T PWAY-PWAY WITH ME, WOKEH? *show biceps and armpit hairs* I AM THE #14 MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOGGER IN MALAYSIA, PENANG AND SOME SAY HAADYAI TOO, YOU KNOW ANOT? *scratch backside and adjust bra straps* SEE? […]

  • korokmu says:

    Your efforts to make the list are paid. 🙂

  • Ahsoon says:

    Hi, you’ve done a great job, Tabik to you!!

    anyway my ahsoon has screw up with technorati, duno why? the lastime I was ranked 28k+.
    Nvm, just hope that my AhBoon will be in your Top50 of 2007.

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    wow…kennysia….love his site

  • […] I found this list of 50 most influential Malaysian blogs as compiled by one Sabahan is indeed interesting. For details how he (or she?) arrives at the list, check it out here. […]

  • […] The?!Alexallied11:39 pmAdd comment OMG! I’m listed!! In fact, I’m No.9 on the list of Top 50 Most Influential Malaysian Blogs!!!! Heck, I won’t even know about the list if it’s not because of Rojaks Wingz who […]

  • Joneh says:

    I am sure i am not qualified to say here. not even in a million list. but i have to salute gaman for what he did. Im proud to be associated with gaman for im a sabahan too. not relative or whatever. just me being proud of him.
    From my newbie list, i have to say the most influential blogs in Malaysia are, in the order i have to know them firsthand are 1)Gobala Krishnan(29)-because i learn wordpress 2)LiewCF(5) – because im using his theme and very helpful 3)sabahan.com – because he’s a gaman and sabahan. the rest are outside M’sia. Now thats i considered influential. To the rest, im sorry. either i’ve you later after knowing sabahan dot com or never heard you before. oh ya… 4)Raymond.cc(40) for his computer tech info. 😀
    Ok, dont shoot me. Just being honest. im proud in my area. the ultimate rc info provider in malaysia.

  • Friedbeef says:

    Just a note: Another reason why Kenny Sia’s feedcount is so low because he split it up (don’t ask me why). His RSS feeds have . Thanks for the listing anyhow, I never imagined I would reach #29 🙂

    ps. I think another way to look at this list is the 50 most influential INSIDE the blogosphere. Sites like education in Malaysia (which would have been ranked #43 by the way if you included them) are much more influential outside the blogosphere.

    Hmmm… I’m gonna do a post about this

  • #2 Of The Most Influential Blog In Malaysia?…

    Hi all,
    I’m again sorry for the lack of update.
    Now I’m back (again!) to blogging because I was a bit amazed this morning been told that this blog is labeled #2 most influential blog in Malaysia.

    Basically, the way Gaman ranked t…

  • […] did a comprehensive list of the top 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia. This blog is ranked number 29, but the top for a marketing […]

  • […] most influential blogs in Malaysia Jump to Comments Sabahan.com compiled 100 of the most influential blogs in Malaysia by using Technochrati, and came up with […]

  • manhon says:

    I’m not sure how you actually conducted the scrape from technorati, a glaring absentee from your list is Education In Malaysia.

    Please review your methodology and do a second pass and see who else have been left out.

    Good effort nevertheless. Thank you.

  • Thanks for your effort, I am sure we bloggers really appreciate your hard work! 🙂

  • Many thanks. Glad to be included in your 50 most influential list. But you can please put my blog name as Sloone or Susan Loone. I am at No. 34. Thanks a million.

  • sorry, i can’t count

    so faisal tehrani, nizam zakaria and me

    6% litblogs!!!

  • Undertypo says:

    Forget to add in here.
    Number 3 spot suppose belong to ZEO.


  • smashpOp says:

    hey hey im no. 16 ! ahahah thanks a lot. didnt expect to be at that spot tho. 😀

  • babe_kl says:

    didnt realised i was in the list until boo_licious informed me. i can never imagine my simple makan blog can be influential in any way but it’s great to be in there together with the giants. thanks for your effort for compiling this.

  • thanks for the correction, gaman

    so litblogs now make up 4% of the most influential blogs? not bad.

    menj – it isn’t about traffic, i get nowhere near as many hits as many others on the list, but i do have a great deal of reader-loyalty

    if by no. of hits i doubt i’d have made the list

    anyway, thanks for your hard work and for pointing the way to other blogs i need to read

  • Great work and thxs so much. I must admit, I never thought my blog was influential but seeing these results does make me proud to be in the list with other M’sian bloggers I admire.

  • Chris says:

    Why isn’t “Rojaks” in the list geh???

  • Linken Lim says:

    Hi, Gaman,
    Sorry lah, No 51 already booked ! Cool collection, anyway. Hope mine will be included in the 51 to 100 list. Or perhaps in the 100 to 1000 list 🙂

  • Good Malaysian blogs…

    I read a post in Giuk.net of Gaman’s 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia, and one site caught my interest so I went to visit it.
    It amazes me when Malaysian stars like Afdlin Shauki starts blogging, it makes them look more — how should I …

  • […] February 6th, 2007 · No Comments Interesting to note that the blogs that generate the most public attention in Malaysia aren’t ncessarily the highest ranked if you go by Technorati. here Sabahan chrunches the numbers and comes up with some surprises. Here’s the top dozen. The rest of the list is here. […]

  • pinolobu says:

    So, sabahan.com is number where?

  • Lorna says:

    Very nice list. I think I haven’t visited at least 90% of the blogs in there, though a few I’d rather stay away from, due to personal dis-interest(like AnwarIbrahimBlog.com, ahaks!).
    Shoot, you must’ve studied the blog ranking techniques for quite some time already, haven’t you? How will I ever find the time….

  • Undertypo says:

    Menj, but if these new blog managed a decent traffic and links, why must we de-listed them?

    Blog age doesn’t mean the blog will be popular or ranking well in technorati.

    • menj says:

      Well decent traffic and links does not mean that they are “influential”, I thought the point of this post was to demarcate which blogs are the most influential in the Malaysian blogosphere? Of course some of these blogs are being run by individuals who are already influential in the real world, but this is the WWW and from the viewpoint of the WWW they are noobs, so why should they be accorded special treatment?

      – MENJ

  • wow! very many thanks!

    i had no idea i was “influential” and it makes me very happy to be so recognised, especially among such impressive bloggers

    could i point out that i’d describe my blog as being about books and writing rather than personal?

    • Gaman says:

      You are right. I must have confused myself between your ranking and that of shaolintiger.com which I said was about literature! It’s corrected. Thanks.

  • menj says:

    Hmm…don’t think some of the blogs should be included because they were only created about less than 6 months, I don’t think that is fair to other blogs which have been around for far much longer.

    – MENJ

    • Gaman says:

      I don’t think a blog’s age matter that much though. If a new blog changes the world today, it got to be on the list.

    • Nia Sng says:

      Aww… are you jealous of the Top 50?

      Menj: The big difference between your material and those on the Top 50 is that the latter’s material doesn’t sound bigoted.

      • menj says:

        Hardly jealous back then and not about to be jealous now. An anonymous coward like you would be too bigoted to see that, eh?

  • Relax says:

    just a request
    can u make a list base of quality as well
    not being bias meaning not just bimbo n funny blogs
    but also blogs on politics, tech, arts etc

    that will be more meaningful IMO

  • Bryan says:


    Frankly, if the ranking is based on the number of feed subscribers, I’ll be at the spot of #97632252829.

    Anyway, you must have spent quite an amount of time to come out with the list! Kudos to you!

    Thank you.

  • Undertypo says:

    Cool. But anyway, could you reveal 51 to 100 as well. Many visitor sure like to see these list.

  • […] uses the blog ranking service at Technorati.com and comes up with a list of top 50 influential Malaysian blogs. Preetam […]

  • Raymond.CC says:

    I’m in your top 50 list? Nice!

  • Wingz says:

    oh wow! just gotta know about this wonderful survey done by you a while ago. But i think Rojaks Is anything but influential la lol!

  • lilian says:

    My webhost is #2!!!! Fhweet! His template is best ler. I used five of it on my blogs.

  • KY says:

    ops you’ve considered the issue, my bad.

  • KY says:

    Nice post, but I think you might want to look into the technorati details on the #2 guy. Most of the links are from his own network. All powered by the same “Hi Tech blog”, not exactly linked from other bloggers.

    A combination of technorati ranks and traffic details might paint a slightly better picture though. But great job nonetheless. 🙂

  • Katana says:

    I’m Malaysian working in Brunei 😛

    • Gaman says:

      Cool. I’ve included your blog in the list.

      • abib says:

        Good day M. Gaman,

        I hope its ok to address u using your blogger nick name. I’m a student researching on malaysian political blogs. I’am wondering if u could help me with something. The statistic: percentage of blog types in Malaysia as u have state above is as follows:
        Some stats

        * 28% of the Malaysian Top 50 Bloggers write about personal stuff
        * 16% write about politics
        * 16% write about technology

        I would like to ask, where did you get the stats, because I want to used it as data and reference for my research paper.I appreciate your attention and thank you.

  • Nice post 🙂

    I used to be around 400+ ranking on Technorati, somehow lost all me links.

    Too many arguments I think haha.

  • Gaman says:

    Sorry.. but you are not from Brunei are you? 🙂

  • Katana says:

    Gaman you forgotten bout me *sad* keke

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