8 Ways How NOT to Make Money from a New Blog

Posted on 10th July, 2007

The topic “how to make money from a blog” has been talked about endlessly everywhere in the blogosphere. With tons of making money information available online, many newbies assume that it must be easy to make money from blogging.

Here’s the problem – most money making ideas are good but sometimes they may not work well for a new blog. So instead of writing another how to guide and tell you which ad programs you can use in you blog, I am going to show you how NOT to make money from a new blog.


  1. Using Free Blog Hosting Service like Blogger.com

    Laying the correct foundation is crucial for your future success. Hosting your blog at blogger.com or any other free blog hosting service isn’t a good way to start your journey. Get your own domain as it’ll make you look more credible.

    While I agree that Blogger.com, or WordPress.com can be a good place to start testing the water, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are serious about making money from your blog.


  2. Scraping Content from Other Blogs

    Lazy bloggers might find this method appealing. Whether they realise it or not, this is stealing and it’s a copyright infringement.

    With full RSS feeds available, sploggers may pull the content from various blogs and use Google AdSense to monetize them. This is not a good way to make money because all your ‘hard work’ will go down the drain once it comes to Google’s attention.


  3. Monetizing Too Early

    Many new bloggers find it’s tempting to place advertisements on their blog as soon as it’s up and running.

    I advise against doing this because you will be distracted from achieving your real goal which should be to create a flagship blog in your niche. Great content attracts readership. Only when you have enough visitors, you can gradually start monetizing your blog.

    Check out how Sabahan.com looked like back in 02 April 2006 from WayBackMachine.com. Apparently, there wasn’t any ad in sight.

    While it’s not entirely frown upon to monetize your blog early on, you should ask yourself if you are in this for the short term or long term. Are you making money from the ads on your new blog? If you don’t remove them.


  4. Creating a Personal Blog

    While there’s nothing wrong with creating a personal blog where you talk about your cat, what you did in school or what you ate for breakfast, when it comes to making money from blogging, you’ll be better off selecting a specific niche to blog about.

    Personal blogs typically do not do well with AdSense simply because there’s no focus on any particular topic. On these pages, Google will show non-targeted ads with lower CPC because of the pages poor conversion rate.


  5. Making Your Blog Looks like a Giant Billboard

    Many new bloggers fall into the trap by thinking the more ads they have, the better the chance someone will click on any of those ads. In addition, more ads mean more revenue streams which translate into more money at the end of the day, right?

    While it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket, it’s also important not to clutter your blog with ads especially when it’s new. When you sacrifice your users’ experience, you won’t reach your full earning potential and you risk driving visitors away.


  6. Doing Pay Per Post

    Writing pay per post frequently in your blog could be detrimental to its PageRank in the long run, more so if you have a new blog.

    When you are adding a new page, you are not only spreading your PageRank amongst your internal pages but it’s spread across the external site as well. This is bad because instead of voting for your own pages, your vote goes to the external site. As a result, your internal pages will have a smaller share of your own Google juice.

    I know pay per post can be a good source of income for some bloggers. But you have to look at the long term where you can demand higher payout once your site is well established. Now it’s harder to get there if you are leaking PageRank when you are just starting out.

    Keep in mind that visitors who come to your blog are looking for useful content, unless your reviews benefit them in any way, there’s no point writing pay per post in your new blog.


  7. Ignoring Your Alexa and Technorati Rankings

    Whether you like it or not, these two metrics are the most widely used by any advertising companies when evaluating your blog’s worth. It’s not about the number of comments you have or your rankings for certain keywords in Google. Having a good Alexa and Technorati Rankings put you in a better position to demand (or enjoy) higher payouts.

    Of course there are other metrics that matters but if you want to make money from your blog, you need to pay more attention to your Alexa and Technorati rankings.


  8. Giving Up Too Early

    Blogging is hard work. The reality is that you have to be prepared to put in the hours. Most successful blogs don’t hit their strides until they are at least 12 months old, so keep that in mind when you feel like giving up.

An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • Monetizing Too Early – I totally agree with this one. I always wait until traffic hits a certain level before I move forward with monetization…

  • ben says:

    gaman the best moral…is 🙂

    Giving Up Too Early

    Blogging is hard work. The reality is that you have to be prepared to put in the hours. Most successful blogs don’t hit their strides until they are at least 12 months old, so keep that in mind when you feel like giving up.

    i love this post 🙂

  • dott-com says:

    Ignoring Your Alexa and Technorati Rankings – this is good point gaman. From my reading I notice that these two factors determine the next result if new blogger want to make money online.

    For an example TLA ads – It seems the higher the pagerank and alexa ranking, the more TLA are asking for a link on your site.

    gaman your site theme in wayback machine look same as this one. long enough you use this theme..

  • Ahmad Uzair says:

    Agree with you gaman. Especially no.3 reason. Monetizing blog to early. That it’s not a good start.

  • Good tips. I am going to work more on 7, 8 and 9. Others are OK with me. 🙂

  • drizad says:

    9. Writing another blog on “How to make money online” while there are thousands of other old and seasoned more establish blog around the blogosphere.

    10. Creating “spam post”…

    Another nice entry by Gaman!
    Keep it up.

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