8 Ways to Make Money from a “How to Make Money” or a Blogging Blog

Last modified on 19th September, 2007

This is a follow up to my recent post titled Why You Shouldn’t Create another “How to Make Money” or “Blogging” Blog

If you are a newbie, I’d incline to recommend that you should avoid creating another “how to make money” or blogging blog for reasons explained in the post.

However, if you are passionate about the topics and really think it’s the niche that you’d like to start your blogging journey with, here are some tips to help you make money from such blogs.

As I explained in the previous post, it won’t always be a futile attempt, provided that you know what you are doing.


  1. Alternate Your Subject Matter

    If you want to make money from AdSense, it helps if you write posts that draw those ads. You may need to cover subjects outside of the making money niches.

    Writing posts about blogging attracts “normal” AdSense ads that are often served to an already unresponsive audience. As a result your click through rates (CTR) will remain on the low side.

    To get around this, try to write about industry news, new gadgets and so on, once in a while.


  2. Write Subjects that Attract Traffic from the Search Engines

    Visitors that arrive from the search engines are mostly information seekers (well it’s depend on what they are searching for). While some are preoccupied with the subject they are reading and ignore everything else, others are more willing to explore other sources of information.

    If your AdSense ads present a highly relevant information to what they are looking for, you are just a click away from making money from them.

    So write subject matters that attract traffic from the search engines or rather popular subjects that are proven to be the crowd’s favourites.

    Here’s a post I wrote last year which is still relevant today to help you find popular subjects to write about in your blog.


  3. Do Product Reviews

    Instead of trying to make money mainly from AdSense and other contextual advertising, try to write product reviews. Not just any review mind you, but one that offer a solution to problems your audience might be facing.

    Sprinkle your affiliate links in the post. It’s important to make your links relevant with the context of the post so that it doesn’t look like you are just trying to make a quick buck from your readers.

    How do you know what problems your visitors are having? Well conduct a reader poll like what I’ve done. Here’s an example


    If I could offer some proprietary information at a price that could immediately solve your problem and it’s backed up with a money back guarantee, would you be willing to spend the money to get your hands on such information?

    The best posts to write are good honest reviews, how to articles, tutorials and tips that offer valuable information to your readers.


  4. Monetize Your Blog with Text Link Ads

    A good how to make money blog will attract text link ads advertisers. It’s often one of the easiest ways to make money from blogging provided that you have a good blog to start with.

    Instead of repeating everything that I’ve written earlier, check out the following articles

    How to Make $500 or more Per Month From Text-Link-Ads.com – Guaranteed!

    10 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money from Text-Link-Ads.com


  5. Write Linkbaiting Posts

    Link baiting is one way to attract certain blog owners to link to you. You can write something interesting that catches people’s attention, write an analysis that generates interesting information, or say something controversial that contradict what other people say about certain issue.

    Link baiting doesn’t have to be negative. A properly created link baiting article can capture large number of links on its own.

    One of the most successful link baiting articles that I’ve written is the 50 most influential blog in Malaysia .

    The article has catapulted the popularity of Sabahan.com literally overnight.


  6. Learn How to Actually Make Money By Exploring Other Money Making Methods

    Instead of attempting to make your “how to make money” blog as your main source of income, try to explore other money making methods.

    Create other blogs in other niches or develop a site to promote affiliate programs, then write about your experience in your money making blog.

    You’ll come across as someone who knows what he’s taking about. When you gain your readers’ trust, start writing reviews about the products and services that you’ve found have helped you become successful.


  7. Create a Buzz

    If you can create a buzz, like what JohnChow.com is creating, you’ll find it easier to sell your ad inventory. People will be happy to part with their money in return for some exposure on your blog.

    Talking about JohnChow.com, most of you know that I’ve ordered a ReviewMe recently. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring in as much as traffic as expected

    Over the course of a week, the review brought in a total of 535 visitors to Sabahan.com (this excludes readers from RSS). What I find a little puzzling is that the review was viewed over 6000 times according to the post view stats during the same period.

    That means over 90% of the readers didn’t click on any of the links in that post that lead to my blog. Did John Chow manipulate his post view stats in order to make a post looked more popular than it really was to attract potential ReviewMe advertisers?

    Regardless of what’s really happening, the buzz created has benefited his blog. While my expectation wasn’t met, I didn’t regret ordering the review.


  8. Write Useful Posts

    It goes without saying that it’s crucial to write useful posts, regardless of what niche your blog is in. They don’t necessarily have to be original though, they just have to be extremely useful.

    If you are talking based on your own experience, that originality will set you apart from the other wannabes.

    Personally, if I do not learn anything new from a blog, don’t expect me to return – sad but true.

    If most of your blog posts is about asking people to sign up with affiliate programs, expect no one to sign up. You’ll have to give something of value in order to get something back. Often, writing useful posts will help you achieve your goal.

    In such case, even if your readers do not sign up with your program, they might click on your AdSense ads if they find them to be highly relevant to your post. I am sure that had happened here at Sabahan.com where related “how to make money” ads appear next to my “how to make money” post which enticed people to click.

    Ok enough repeating that “how to make money” phrase already 🙂


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

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  • Wahlau.NET says:

    nice list…..i think everyone is trying to take a piece out of johnchow

  • Making a list, referencing old posts and keywords into one post. You haven’t lost it Sab 🙂

  • Yes, please avoid blogging about make-money-online… it’s way so many already… no point fighting in a bloodshed sea… I am slowly moving out of that topic already…

  • This is some good basic info that may be able to help newbies. As you said, it can be tough but if you love this niche go for it!

  • David says:

    Those page views are impression wise so someone can just keep hitting it to make it look impressive!

  • Great stuff there as usual, i am just curious how many make money online blog in sabah? (serious one ok..)

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