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I am Victor, the creator of Sabahan.com – Learn how to make money online blog.

I teach people (Malaysian and internationally) about blogging, increasing website traffic, growing their email list and making money with affiliate marketing.

Gaman is my pseudonym. It means bro or a dude in the Dusun language.  Dusun is the tribe I belong to – no, not the Tailwind Pinterest kind 😆

Interestingly, in the Japanese Zen Buddhist tradition, Gaman  means “enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity”.

Just like in blogging, one needs to be persistent right? But it can also be fun at the same time!

I live in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, one of the states in the Malaysian Borneo. My blog name, Sabahan, means a person who’s from Sabah. Interesting no?

I’ve been a blogger since 2006. In 2018 I decided to write long articles  2,000+ words long to give you as much detail as possible. Here’s some places that you might like to jump in:

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How I Got Started In Internet Marketing

I was lucky enough to be exposed to the money making potential of the Internet during its early days while studying in England in 1997.

I learned from computer magazines how normal people were able to make money online just by displaying ads on their website, or by selling products.

As a student, I was very fascinated by the income potential because it gave me the opportunity to make extra money from my student dorm room without having to go out and actually look for a job.

So in my spare time, I learned how to build a website and read as much as I could about online business and marketing.

My first Internet income was from a banner ad on my free Geocities website. Geocities was the place everyone went to create their own website.

While I only made a couple of dollars, it proved to me that making money online was really possible. Once I had accumulated enough money I started my own dot com websites.


The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

Two years after the 1997 Asian financial crisis started, the Malaysian economy was still in a bad shape.

I graduated in 1999 when getting a job was not easy as layoffs were the norm. The oil and gas industry which I was in was hit pretty hard.

I could have applied for work overseas like many of my friends but I preferred to stay in Malaysia.

This could have been a dire period in my life but thanks to the little websites I created, it wasn’t.

I was earning up to USD2000 per month from one of the websites  at the time. It was a life-changing experience for me, even more so because it happened during the economic downturn.

If there’s such thing as a blessing in disguise, perhaps that was it for me.

The most important lesson I learned was that I could take control of my future.


Making Money Online By Earning Passive Income

Since then I’ve experimented with various online ventures.

I’ve developed many eCommerce websites, started many blogs, created thriving online community forums.

I’ve programmed my own software, wrote and sold ebooks, released mobile apps on Google Play Store and Microsoft Store, freelancing, traded Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and others.


How I  Started Sabahan.com

In 2005, there was this badly design dating website called PlentyOfFish.com created by a guy named Markus Frind.  Despite that, he gained ten million users while running the site from his bedroom and made a lot of money.

I thought I could’ve designed something better for Sabahan.com targeting the Malaysian/Asian market. But that didn’t happen 😆

Around January 2006, I decided to start this blog as a way to document my personal journey and things that had helped me make a living online. It’s more of a personal log and diary than anything else.



How to Make Money Online In 2018 And Beyond

I’ve removed my old posts (they are still accessible via search and the archive section)  to better focus on the making money blogging niche.

The making money online and blogging landscape is continually evolving, the only thing that is constant is change.

Keeping up with the latest trends  isn’t an easy task for anyone, so in 2018, I’ve decided to start afresh.

I want Sabahan.com to become the go-to source for easy-to-understand and actionable strategies in:

  • Creating a better blog
  • Increasing blog traffic
  • Growing email list
  • Making money with affiliate marketing

My wish is that, you can learn from my own experiments, my successes and failures, to reach your own online business goals.

I hope it will help you make good business decisions and avoid making mistakes.

OK, that’s me in the pictures!

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