AdWords Introduces New Features and Enhancements

Posted on 19th February, 2007

Over the past couple of days, the Google AdWords team has been introducing new features one after another to their AdWords program.

Below are those features and enhancements, which have been integrated into the system or still in beta.


Cost Per Click Site Targeted Campaigns

Site targeting is a feature that allows AdWords advertisers to choose individual sites where their want theirs ads to appear.

Currently, AdWords advertisers can target these sites on cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) basis. In March, they’ll begin to test a new site targeting feature on cost-per-click (CPC) basis. At the moment, the beta is opened to AdWords advertisers located in the US only.


Quality Score Updates

Sometime last week, an optional Quality Score column that shows the minimum bid for all of your keywords within an ad group has been introduced. This score is labeled as ‘Great’, ‘OK’ or ‘Poor’ depending on your quality score. You can use this information to get a quick overview of the quality of your keywords. The lower the minimum bid id for a keywords, the higher the Quality Score.

Fortunately for me most of my keywords are labeled as ‘Great’ or ‘OK’. I guess that what you get if you perform split testing regularly.

AdWords has also introduced an improved Quality Score algorithm that sets minimum bids for keywords.

These changes should make it easier for high quality ads to enter the auction while also discouraging low quality ads. First, we’re improving the way that we set minimum bids for keywords where we have limited data. For example, if the system does not have any data on a keyword, we’ll try to assign that keyword a lower initial minimum bid until we have enough data to make a more accurate assessment of the Quality Score for that keyword in your account. Second, we’re improving the Quality Score algorithm to make it more accurate in predicting the quality of all ads. This will improve the overall quality of ads that we serve by lowering minimum bids for high quality ads and raising minimum bids for low quality ads. We expect that the higher minimum bids for low quality ads will reduce the number of low quality ads we show to our users.

This means is that new AdWords advertisers won’t be at a disadvantage as previously because of the lack of history under their belts, the very reason why most new advertisers fail.

Unfortunately, several advertisers reported that the Google’s new quality score algorithm has introduced a bug where many are seeing high quality ads and keywords hit with incredibly high CPC overnight.

Google is aware of this ‘temporary issue’ and is working to fix it.

I personally see a slight increase in my keywords prices but nothing too alarming but I’ll continue to keep an eye on this.


Pause You Keywords, sites and ad

Another new feature introduced recently is the ability to pause and resume ads and keywords in your account. Previously you can only pause your campaigns.

I find this feature useful when I want an ad to stop running but do not want to delete it completely because I need to keep its history.

If new ads do not perform as well as this paused ad, I can always resume it in the future.

Again, several people have reported a bug where paused campaigns were not completely paused and advertisers were getting billed for clicks and impressions.

This does not worry me too much becayse I am sure this will be fixed as soon as possible.


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