Are You A Victim of A PageRank Drop?

Posted on 31st October, 2007

If you feel like you have been unfairly penalized by Google for selling paid links, paid posts, or simply you have no idea why they reduce your PageRank, it’s about time to make your voice heard.

To help you do that, Bill Lea of the Google PageRank Victims Anonymous has created several “PageRank Victim” badges for your blog or other website that suffers the unfortunate fate.

Note that if you use their code to pull the badge, you’ll be linking to their website – a good link bait attempt on their part. Check out some of the badges below:



The victim was found with over 2,000 kilos of paid text links on his person... The victim was found with over 2,000 kilos of paid text links on his person…

Nuf said... Nuf said…

For the Optimists... For the Optimists…

For the Pessimists... For the Pessimists…

Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!

No sleep, no relationship, no life... no Google PageRank No sleep, no relationship, no life… no Google PageRank

You are SO the man (and/or woman)... now get out there and blog about it! You are SO the man (and/or woman)… now get out there and blog about it!

Anyway, it’s good to keep in mind that these badges are for entertainment purpose only. I apologize if the title made you think I was about to write something serious 🙂


[via Google Blogoscoped]

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  • Ed Kohler says:

    Rather than focusing on PageRank, how about traffic. Have you noticed any difference there? If not, what’s the big deal?

    • Barbara says:

      The amount of traffic isn’t affected but if you do paid posts for PayPerPost along with others it really affects you. My blogger blog was a 4 and it dropped to a -1 but the next day and as of today it says 0 even though it doesn’t say valid page rank. I guess they haven’t decided what it is yet. My LiveJournal shot back up to a 2 the next day. I grabbed a badge for my blogs but I didn’t see any code so I went through Photobucket.

  • My blog went from unranked to PR4 which was nice. I do love those little buttons though – especially the white hat / black hat ones, very funny!

  • yea, all my sites actually went up in page rank…so no complaints from me.

  • Ainuddin says:

    Despite a very competitive niche, one of my sites was ranked among the top 10 by Google for the search phrase of “digital products” resulting in good traffic and money. Possibly because there were a lot of incoming links from article directories and video sites (video promotions) now it is no longer among the top 100. I had read a lot of recent posts about those incoming links from article directories causing a drop in the PR.

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Looks like this PageRank thing makes people more creative than ever.

  • […] lost its PR6 to PR5, Sabahan.com from  PR5 to PR3 and the famous PR7 blog Adesblog now only PR5.  Are they being penalize for […]

  • Tim says:

    I got my first ever page rank as PR2 🙂

    –blog for dream–

  • djStelios says:

    Hmmm… I wasn’t a victim. I was a pagerank winner!!! My blog went up from 0 to 4!

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    i found is via problogger..it is pretty creative some of them

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