BlogRush – The Answer to You Blog’s Traffic Needs?

Posted on 19th September, 2007

Recently I asked my readers a question about topics they would like to read more in this blog. Each time when I run such survey, most would say they want to know how to attract traffic to their blog.

Talking about finding traffic, it’s such a coincident that a service called Blog Rush that help bloggers to do exactly that was launched recently.

I am sure many of you have seen this service mentioned around the blogosphere especially if you are a reader of any money making and blogging blogs. It was launched 3 days ago and has been generating quite a buzz when the big name bloggers put it in the spotlight.

Blog Rush has done very well at creating the hype which was instrumental in attracting droves of new members in just three days. Just check their Alexa stats below and see how it surpasses ProBlogger.net’s traffic in about two days.



What Is Blog Rush?

Blog Rush is basically a traffic exchange program that promotes your blog posts on other blogs via a widget. However, it would be more accurate to say that it doesn’t guarantee you traffic; instead it helps your latest post’s headline in getting some exposure.

Here’s how it works. You earn 1 display credit when a page on your blog with Blog Rush widget installed is loaded once. Your latest post headline will appear one time on other blog’s Blog Rush widget. So if you display Blog Rush widget 100 times, your latest post will be displayed 100 times elsewhere in return.

When you refer a new member into Blog Rush, the number of display credits that downline earns will be added into your own display credits.

So for example, if Nancy signs up under your referral link, and her blog displays the widget 150 times, your total display credits would be 100 (yours) + 150 (Nancy’s) = 250.

Blog Rush claimed that you’ll earn display credits from your downlines for up to 10 levels deep. However the ratio would be different after the third level where you’ll earn 1 display credit for every four impressions you downlines generate.

From the seventh level onwards the ratio is 1:8. Now if this sounds a little complicated, there’s no need to worry about it. Just let Blog Rush take care of the details. It’ll become clearer after you sign up.

If this sounds like some MLM scam, don’t worry it has nothing to do with making money, it’s simply a tool to help bloggers generate some traffic to their blog. If you don’t like it, just dump it 🙂

The video below will do a better job at explaining how you could benefit from it.


How Much Traffic Will You Get?

I’ve just added Blog Rush to Sabahan.com yesterday and so far I have earned 747 credits. Personally I don’t know how much traffic it will send on my way because it’s still too new and there’s lack of data to make any assumption.


Collecting display credits is one thing, but getting someone to click on your headline is quite another. So far I’ve seen the Blog Rush widget placed in a less than prominent location in many blogs which could result in a low click-through-rate (CTR).

Crafting attention grabbing headlines is important in order to increase your CTRs because that’s the only thing that readers will see in the widget. In addition, make sure to select the right category for your blog so that your headlines will be viewed by the right audience.

While Blog Rush only accept English language blogs with non-adult content, I’ve seen a couple of blogs in Chinese appear in the widget. Perhaps this is something that they are still working on fixing.

I would also suggest you add your own blog domain into the URL filters because I’ve seen a blogger own headline appeared in his widget! In the future I wish Blog Rush offers the ability to customize the widget style so that it’ll integrate more closely with any blog’s design.

While I am not a fan of cluttering your blog with another widget, I think there’s no harm in giving this one a try, who knows, you might get lucky and get some free traffic along the way. In the coming days I’ll report if Blog Rush is working for me, so stay tuned!

You can sign up with Blog Rush here if you haven’t done it already.


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • zoeesecret says:

    How weird…i just log into blogrush…it has been shutdown!..hehehe
    Anyway, just to check…what is the average minimum traffic for a blog to at least get a decent life ….thank u.

  • Vishal says:


    For every one display of the widget (which ultimately results in 5 topic links from other blog posts on the network in your category, being displayed) you get one exposure of your blog post on the network – on other blogger member website widgets. This sounds fair, but if you look deep into things you will realize theirs a defect. I will come to that later. But first another important trick thats going to work like viral marketing on steroids for BlogRush…

    For every blogger you refer – when they sign up by clicking on the BlogRush logo at the bottom of the widget, you benefit. For every direct referral you also will get one free link exposure everytime your referral displays the widget. If this referral refers another member – you get the same benefit again… gaining one more exposure for a two level deep referral. And so on … 10 levels deep.

    This trick is absolutely fantastic, because it will cause bloggers to start promoting this new exchange service to fellow bloggers immediately in hope of getting referral bloggers before others snap them. Bloggers can see the potential of the 10 level deep credit system. It can really balloon to a large amount of free link exposure. Which *could* result in traffic.

    But wait!! Is this real traffic or just link exposures? This is where I would like to caution fellow bloggers. Blogrush is claiming that – bloggers should sign up right away to get a huge rush and volume of traffic to their sites in a short span of time.

    There are however two issues here.

    The first one is that – if this is a 1:1 exchange network, and BlogRush is displaying only 5 ads inside the widget – then they are creating an excess of 4 ads per display – which they can then distribute to the referring members. So, the excess credit of 4 ads can help them – BUT only 4 levels deep. As the system grows and referral levels start to get deepe and aproach 10 levels of depth – how will BlogRush maintain the 1:1 ratio? The answer is – that well, not all members will have referrals that go down to 10 levels deep.

    So, there will always be direct sign up members who are not referred, and therefore whose widgets display 5 exposures and they get one credit exposure in return (and no referral credits will be given to anyone on the network as they signed up directly) and therefore create an excess of 4 credits for the system. This will help BlogRush.

    And if it doesn’t, and the excess exposures being created are getting close to zero – they can always simply increase the widget size or put a scroll bar and display 10 links!! This will immediately create a larger excess for BlogRush on every widet exposure. Super!

    Super for BlogRush, but bad for members.

    I can already see a very very very low CTR on this network. Although the links displayed are in your category and may match your sites content – the CTR is going to be extremely low. Here’s the reasoning behind my my calculation…

    A standard ad CTR on most blog posts is about half to one-and-half percentage…. that is, 0.5% to 1.5%. Now, this widget will probably not be placed by bloggers on the top of their sidebar or top of the page fold – and will probably be tucked away at the side bottom. Therefore, my guess is that the CTR for this widget will probably be around 0.1% ( or one-tenth of one percent. ).

    Now, if your blog post title appears in a widget on another site along with 5 others – your CTR will be further reduced by a factor of 5 (or 20%) of 0.1% which is 0.02%.

    This is 2 clicks out of 10,000 page views or 1 click every 5000 page views!!

    Now, what kind of rush of traffic is that?

    Further, if BlogRush decides to increase the number of Blog Links inside their widget tomorrow (to compensate for excess credits being given to members for referrals) – then you can be assured that the paltry traffic and CTR will get even worse.

    Nice try BlogRush. Good hype and viral elements – but your basic system is at fault!! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. This is just a passing fad.


  • TechBlogy says:

    I’ve been using BlogRush for almost a week, but i just get one link to my blog.

    Instead, we’d help BlogRush to increase their traffic, not us. I’m planning to pull it down from my blog if the condition remain the same.

    What do you think?

  • Lorna says:

    I registered for Blogrush after first reading this in Andy Beard’s web site. I credit Blogrush’s popularity more on the fact that the blogosphere is buzzing itself to a frenzy over this site, and I’m not in a rush (pun intended) to put the widget code in any time soon, and instead I’ll continue to focus on building up my site’s traffic through search engine searches using long tails.

  • bobby says:

    sounds interesting….but many pro-bloggers seemingly hate this alr…

  • Tim says:

    Thanks for the good review. I just registered a BlogRush account for myself 🙂 Hope this will increase traffic for my new web 2.0 Blog

    –blog for dream–

  • Kay Kastum says:

    I’ve got invitations already but haven’t sign up yet.

  • ezams says:

    This kind of program wasn’t something new. It’s similar to what Mike Filsaime did on InstantBuzz. But there is nothing wrong to give a try. I already put widget in my blog too and hope it will generate some more traffic.

  • david says:

    Yea people reported bad ctr so is not that useful and takes up a lot of space.

  • […] just sign up to Blog Rush just to give it a try since most everyone do the same and thanks to Gaman as tellin me just to give it a try since no cost for […]

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    I am already in…mine is pretty slow…

  • […] the name, but how many know how it works? Honestly, I don’t… well not until I read from here. At least one guy can explain to me in plain English. Wait, I assume he’s a […]

  • muratos says:

    no, it doesn’t work nice for me. i got 1500 impressions in my blog network and only 3 clicks up to now 🙁 i don’t have referrals yet.

  • helen says:

    Gee, thanks for breaking everything down in plain English. I’ve seen Blogrush around and most did not do a thorough job explaining it. Most probably, they’re simply jumping onto the bandwagon….

    BTW, I would say this would definitely benefit the big guys more than the ordinary joes, right? Say like your goodself with plenty of hits, will get more exposure in smaller blogs, but the smaller blogs will not get more opportunities to appear on your blog. Am I right?

  • […] they will be credited to your account as referrals. This program may sounds like MLM scam, as Gaman said about this topic in his blog (I agree), but don’t worry. There is no monetary involved […]

    • Gaman says:

      Several other bloggers including John Chow and Darren Rowse reported terrible CTRs. Anyway, I’ll report my findings in my coming post.

      • eshark says:

        Yeargh that’s good! I’ve finished signing up + already put the widgets..like you wrote, no harm by giving this one a try.

  • Mr. Rajawang says:

    I only got a few visits from blogrush after installing it for 3 days.. sigh 🙁

  • eshark says:

    I’ve just read about this from others blog, sounds interesting.. since you the ‘otai’ yourself just use it.. I’ll give it a try also lah!

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