Browse Sites to Advertise by Category in Google AdWords

Posted on 17th July, 2006

Google AdWords has released a new feature called the category site selection which allows you to browse sites by category to help you find relevant sites to advertise at.

Category site selection is found on the Identify sites page when you create a new site-targeted campaign, or on the site tool in an existing site-targeted campaign. The site tool can be accessed via the Add sites link on your Ad Group’s campaign summary page.


When you select the category Internet – Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, for example you’ll see the following sites listed along with the information such as whether image ads available and their maximum impression per day.

  1. advertising.com – 500k+
  2. statcounter.com – 500k+
  3. extremetracking.com – 100k-500k
  4. digitalpoint.com – 100k-500k
  5. addfreestats.com – 10k-100k
  6. seochat.com – 10k-100k
  7. joeant.com – 10k-100k
  8. iserv.com.au – 10k-100k
  9. sydneyfc-unofficial.com – 10k-100k
  10. viidoo.com – 0k-10k

This should come handy when identifying suitable sites for your ad.

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