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Google AdWords Adds Standard & Accelerated Ad Delivery Options

Google AdWords has added a method to allow you choose the ad delivery method you prefer. The choice will affect how quickly your ads are shown each day. The two options include

  • Standard: Show ads evenly over time
  • Accelerated: Show ads as quickly as possible

Standard delivery

This option is automatically selected for you, and is best if you want your ads to reach a wide range of users over the course of the day. We’ll spread your ad impressions across the day to make sure you don’t accrue all of your clicks early on. However, if your budget is set below the system-recommended budget, your ads may not receive all possible impressions.

For example, if you want to spend US$30.00 over 30 days, your daily budget would be US$1.00. With standard delivery, your ads would appear throughout the day, from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.. If your system-recommended daily budget is US$3.00, you may receive only one third of all impressions possible during that time.

Accelerated delivery

This option is best if you want to increase the likelihood of spending your full budget each day. We’ll display your ads as often as possible until your budget is reached. If your budget is set below the system-recommended budget, your ads may not receive all possible impressions.

For example, you might choose to spend US$30.00 over the next 30 days, with a daily budget of US$1.00. If your system-recommended daily budget is US$3.00, you may receive all possible impressions until your budget is reached. Therefore, you could spend your entire budget between 12:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.. In this case, your ads wouldn’t appear again until 12:00 a.m. the next day.

I prefer the default delivery to make sure my ads are viewed by the widest audience possible from different time zones.

One reason why people might prefer the Accelerated delivery is when the ads conversion rates perform best during certain hours of the day. In such case, one can simply turn on the accelerated delivery during those hours and pause the campaign during the lower conversion periods.


Google AdWords Traffic Estimator Now Available As a Standalone

Ann Lee from the AdWords account management team announced recently that you can now get traffic and cost estimates on search keywords without logging into your AdWords account.

Those who are not an AdWords member would now have the chance to get their hands on this particularly helpful tool.

Members have to keep in mind that the estimates this standalone tool provides won’t take your individual settings and history into account, while accessing the tool from within an Ad Group of your account will.

Check out Traffic Estimator

Google referrals code generation wizard


Nothing terribly exciting here but I’d just like to let you know about the introduction of code generation wizard for Adsense, Adwords and Firefox referrals by Google. The wizard will guide you through the process of, well, generating your referral codes.

To get started, just select Referrals from the Adsense Setup page of your account and select the product of your choice.

Google offers text links for referral programs


Now you can use text link to refer potential publishers/advertisers to AdWords, Adsense and Firefox.

Previously, the referral formats were limited to buttons, well, not anymore. This is good news but is still not very flexible. The wording of the text links are fixed although the font type and size is fully customizable to match your site font.

But there’s a potential abuse waiting to happen as described by JenSense

While it is nice that the font can be customized by publishers, the fact they allow the font size to be customized did surprise me, since I easily changed the font size so that the sentence took up a considerable amount of the browser window. And bolding, italics etc are able to be used on the text as well. I can definitely see this being abused fairly quickly, and there is nothing (currently) in the policies that would prohibit it, since a publisher would not be changing the ad code to do this.

Read more: AdSense offers text link referral program

Anyway, I think Google should offer more flexibility. One option that I think people would love is to have something like


and to be allowed to include any text the publishers wanted. Although I don’t think this going to happen anytime soon.

Market research and keywords tool

If you are doing keywords research, you might be interested in this tool. Just type in your search phrase and see the following results:

  • The search popularity in Yahoo Search (overture) for the previous month, with up 100 related terms
  • The Google search engine page for that term where you can see the competition on Google, the number of adwords, Google max bid etc.
  • The Overture View Bids screen. With this you need to type in a security code, and it will then display the Overture bids.

Check out Market research and keyword tool

Manage AdWords right from your desktop

Google has released AdWords Editor (BETA), a free program to help you download your AdWords account to your computer, make changes and manage your campaigns right from your desktop.


Apparently the news about this nifty tool broke in late January but got burried by the attention given to Google China cencorship news.

I haven’t tried this one myself but it looks promising. Has anybody tried it yet?


AdWords referrals pay Adsense publishers $20

In an effort to attract more advertisers, Google has announced the AdWords referrals for Adsense publisher today.




Now you can refer users to AdWords in countries and languages where Adsense for content is available. I find this option is available on my Adsense account and it should also be available for other Malaysian.

To get started, select ‘Adsense Setup’ tab. Then under ‘Products’ select ‘Referral’. You should see the Google AdWords tab on your Referral settings page.

You can now earn $20 when you refer a new AdWords advertiser, once they have spent $100 on advertising within 90 days of signing up

In response to the introduction of this new product, JenSense has written an interesting and detail observation over at her site:

I definitely find the fact that referring a new advertiser is only worth $20 for the publisher, but referring a new publisher earns $100. Perhaps this was grandfathered in under the old AdWords referral program where the referrer earned $20 after the advertiser spent $20. But I would have thought a new advertiser would have been just as valuable to Google – if not more so – than a new publisher. The only reason I can think of for this is that they are trying to capture more of the publisher market share, especially with new publisher programs for competition out there such as YPN and MSN ContentAds.

However at the end of the day, I think most publishers will like make very little money from this unless their sites or blogs cater towards webmaster and advertisers especially those from countries where AdWords hasn’t made significant impact yet.

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